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Junior Burger members and other Freshmen....

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    Junior Burger members and other Freshmen....

    History shows that juniors have always got a 'rugRa' from seniors...But we don't do that here at gupshup cuz we r so called nice burger family.....
    I would like members with less than 300 posts present something nice for senior members of could be be creative...and Seniors if u don't like what u see...U know what to do!

    So baiti Farhana, Asfia and bucha jasoos, uncle Gooni...aunti B-B-G and others lez see ur creativity...(no I'm not putting anyone on the spot here..its all in the spirit of having fun)


    yes!! i don't qualify since i'm just slightly over the 300 posts margin.


      oh oh "SENIOR" TOU BHANJA ji (bhanjha iss leay k mairay already25 bhateejay hain tou bhanja ji chooN k ap seniors main aa chukay hain iss leay ap seniors ko mairi taref say LIFE TIME HEALTH INSURANCE Q k iss umer main yay hi milna mushkil hay

      waisay mazay ka thread hay lagta hay kaafi logo ki iss main kheechayee hou gi


        I wonder if i am a junior too? <IMG

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          baiti???? What kind of a screwed up flirtatious tone is that? Dude, you want an award or not? That's like so much disappointing to your supporters like me.


            hey MR.SENIOR ... BOSS yar tu ub retire HOJA .... you been on this thing toooooo long, i remember you from the days when you and IRON MAN use to get it on ... hahaha ... some old memories.

            sorry i dont qualify as JUNIOR, i been on this thing for two years now.

            Bhola#1 (previously known as just 'BHOLA')


              >>I wonder if i am a junior too?

              kaaki pehlaN achhi taran se jamm te lao! abhi se sawal karne lagi ho



                yeah whatcha gonna do for us?
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Kohal, I'll get u some other time, by 'get' I mean..well u know what I mean;-)
                  B-B-G app kay 25 bhateejay hain...lekin mujhay oon say koi faraq nhin parta...meray lyay to app b-b si hain;-)
                  Not so Naik...I'll introduce u to Naik cuz if she was not here I might not have reached my 760 posts;-)
                  Roman we have a complicated desi society man!..u have to enter through the main door but once u r in..its upto u how u play with the rules...;-)
                  Bhola chand aap kehtay hain to mein retire ho jata hoon but I would need your credit card for being a member at other options on internet...(ab tu itna bhi bhola nhin hai ;-))
                  ChanMahi apas di gul aay tusi 'lota party' niklay ho ;-)
                  Fraudia...cAme on man! push these juniors...whats up with the line 'Hi, I'm new here' O come on! juniors should be more creative..don't u think?



                    I am waitingg!!!


                    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                      Boss hey need to first of all introduce themselves properly, who they are what they do, what they like, hobbies and interests and age group.

                      its hard to talk to someone about the politics at work and then realize that its a 14 year old who is talking about cleaning his room ya know.

                      People who are a specific period i.e. anyone who joins in the next 2 months form a small group and start a group project. Maybe it could be a travel guide or recipe book..maybe it could be a guide to new students in US or UK or attractions in a certian pakistani city.

                      Not only will it be fun but it will add another service for the next batch of new members.

                      what da ya say?
                      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                        PK.....Aisa lagta hei ke ...u r going to lose the "P" part of ur title very soon
                        Pheer sirf "K" hi "K" reh jana ...*sighz*...

                        Chan ji....Theek kya tussi....per tussi vi bacchiyaaN nooN akhaaN marna chhaDo...kidday beghair ticketooN na andur ho jana.....

                        Roman....Baiti....Flirtatious????...this is pidraana shafqat


                          Inj Payaa Lagda aay kay, Naikbibi mayra Picha kar raee aay! Look at her post#, and look at mine.

                          Leave me alone Naik bibi. or at least make some paaN paaN....

                          Haran dou Rasta Low


                            Originally posted by Roman:
                            baiti???? What kind of a screwed up flirtatious tone is that
                            Roman kay khandaan mein kisi say flirt karna ho toh ussay beti boltay hain? ajeeb zamana aa gaya hai.

                            Mian aap Jerry Springer par jaen.


                              Ahmadi ji...TalliyaaN te harun bajaona Chan ji da kam ay mera nai....Tussi side tay hovo meiN agay lang jani aaN.....

                              X Factor Ji....107 postaaN tay tussi vaDayaaN naal pangay mut lovo....ay hanaer nagri ay...kuj ho gya tay pheer shikayut na kariyo.....
                              **Ker vi lo ge tay kinnay sun'ni ay**