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Ok, here's a last bit of heavy, heavy stuff! Watch Our ya all!!! :)

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    Ok, here's a last bit of heavy, heavy stuff! Watch Our ya all!!! :)

    Often as I strive to live another day in this world, many times I stumble upon the thought that,"Why do we have so much hate and blazing envy in our hearts for each other?" Why is it not possible to live together in peace ...rather breaking relations apart in pieces?

    Can't this world survive by living in harmony? Well its a difficult favour to ask I suppose! Even though, still there are many souls alive on this very Earth of ours, who are blessed with hearts full of gold.
    Ha! Ironically their thoughts and feelings are constantly poisoned by the near
    dear dictators. Those that have a greater
    influence over them.

    How do you then judge that innocent person. Who wishes all well but sadly his beats of loving nature are corrupted by ones around him? How do you distinguish that who's telling the truth, who's telling a tale-- which is based on facts, rather fiction?

    " Those who've seen no evil, suspects none," true it is; but why in the universe others jump in that person's innocent world
    and bring malicious tidings to it. Thus leaving one in doubt that whom can he rely on?

    Most of us seem to lean towards the dark side----but why? Is it because it may be more attractive, colourful, or more pleasurable (when some one breaks another's heart ) or maybe because since no pure happiness is available in abundance...that's why others also have no right to be happy!!??

    Well the shocking part of all is that we "the ultimate super creatures of among all kinds" are moving into the era of so called progress??? No! That's not quite true.
    In fact we, who dub ourselves "genius ones" are stepping into the phase of "cannibalism." Cannibalism ..... I said that because just look around you. Isn't there a single individual in your general life, that wishes you disaster, is greatly blazed with extreme
    jealousy and is holding grudges against you??? Of course such beings don't announce their true feelings in public; but no matter what, its tough to be watching your back all the time.

    Why can't that person with a negative outlook keep his thoughts to himself and not bother others about them? I've noticed many times in life, that those who suspect no evil.... are such an easy prey for the vicious ones. 80% of the times, they fall right in the trap and get badly strangled. Such moments are extremely difficult for the well wishers of the innocent soul. Most of the times the well wishers are so helpless, therefore they just step back and try to smile while keeping sorrow in their hearts.

    It takes millenniums to get missunderstandings cleared. Many just give up for the sake of the opposite person;
    the actual reason being---> not to get into more scrapes. But then how does one prove or judge that is this person speaking out the truth or is he just spinning a protective core about himself to escape humility?

    One would advice that, "Oh don't go near the rose, because you'll prick your fingers badly." While others say, " Touch the splendid rose bursting with pure sweetness." Now which one should a person listen to??? Isn't the pain so sweet to get your fingers
    pricked by the merciless thrones but also you have the advantage to drink in the magnificent odour as well.

    I came to a conclusion that maybe ones, whom we fear being evil, may not be dark at all. Maybe its us who lack the courage to approach them with a positive feeling in our heart. Thinks how much we'd achieve if we trust and try with sincerity to understand each other. It would be a great success for man kind learning to love...than to hate!

    Could you....uh... get on with your vacation plans.


      hey we should lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously. The world has created its own problems so it can be busy solving them. but it's always good to analyse.


        Ha! Ha!

        Hey don't get all sentimental about this blah stuff I posted up there everyone Its just
        nothing serious. And just read it and forget it okay Sorry if it was thaaaaaaat heavy.
        Yeah, good idea! I should be outta here by now. But this site..... its just too addicting


          ubb jaaa-o bhee sahee tum, I'm losing my head bhateejee.


            Daysee Behna
            Hahahahaha you are at it again. Hmmmm you and your heavy philosophical posts. Hahahaha are you related to Aristotle by any chance ..??? Like I said, a common person like me can hardly scrach the surface of your deep ideas but they can be used as anesthesia to replace sleeping pills. Though I never ever used sleeping pills. Hahahahaha
            No offence intended please. Your post are always cool as ever just that I have to laugh , if I am not laughing that definetly means I am dead hahahahahahaha. Just like the joke about women... This doc who was called by the emergency crew to see a woman who was sick....the doc gets to where the woman is , stays there for 30 seconds just looking at woman and than declares her dead. The family is pissed that he did not even bothered to examine the woman and decalred her dead. The doc says " well I have been here for 30 secnds and the lady did not spoke a word, no woman can keep quiet for 30 seconds as long as she is alive, so this woman must be dead. Hahahahaha
            I think I probably made a lot of enemies with this joke. HEyyyyyyy its just a joke.


     DARE U Brother JM KHAAAAN!
              ENUF IS ENUF !!!!
              Thehe... GOTCHA! kidding.
              Guess what, I thought I shud stop by here for a sec or two and see how things are going by.
              but Aaaaaaan! Didn't find much
              Well, this break might as well gimme some time to seriously think about that spe' spray thing we were talking about on the other site. Thehehe, ok don't worry it'll be just repellent enuf for those that are like thehe...
              Lots of salam to every one else too. Epe' Muzna ji hey, howdy? Me fine too
              gotta run now, be good ya all
              Daysee Behna
              Ps. I've heard that joke before Purty RAD!