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    Well, I accomplished something big today. I was finally able to file my taxes. The matter may sound minor to some but I assure you it was not. We are talking about one federal and two state tax returns here, all of which I handled two handedly. And considering my obstinate nature of not following instructions (specially printed on a 50 pages long booklet that claims to help tax payers), I must say I amazed myself.

    The most irritating facts dealing with the forms were the repeatedly asked question regarding filling as Single, Married, Single with child, Married with child, None of Above and so on... Asking once should be enough, I think. I mean, what are the chances of my filling status being changed between the time it takes me to complete questions from 2 through 9? Specially if it took me only 8 weeks to get to line number 9.

    Then there are things like entering the amount on line 31 by looking at the figure on line 10, then observing the one of line 12, and finally taking the one on line 7. If I were ever to try to figure out what kind of arithmatics is actually going on behind the scenes, I would go nuts.

    My Pennsylvania tax return was a complete disaster. I got like 2 cents as refund on the last line. I was so dishearted that I didnít even feel like making a photo copy of it for my records.

    For those who have not filed their taxes yet, all I can say is I know how it feels!

    Rome mon :-(( When is da deadline? and where is da nearest HR Block? ;-)



      Roman bro, don't talk about it, the deadline over here is april 1st (no joke), and i have still not done nothing.

      I think you guys over there in the States got an easy job. We have a progressive tax system, means the more you earn the more tax you pay. And that is not absolute but relative. This even goes as high as 60%. (yes six-zero!!!!)

      (but first i'm goin away for a few days to the French Alps for a ski holiday, forget the taxes)


        For those of you who can't afford to pay someone to do their taxes or can't shell out $$ to purchase a software like myself, goto and download a free tax prep. software.

        I've been using it for 2 yrs. and it makes doing your taxes a snap.

        Ofcourse, if you're raking in millions like that Fraudiya from donation collection schemes, I suggest a financial planner who can make your earning legit!!


          Wife does ours and I couldnít tell the difference between 1024 EZ and schedule C, with standard deductions and all the other stuff. All I know is that the Tax code in this country is so complex and I agree with Roman that IRS wants to know the same question over and over again (it tells you something about what kind of people are attracted to Auditing profession). It can be simplified, and the tax return can be a simple 3 line form. Hereís a sample:

          a. How much did you earn in wages:
          b. How much did you inherit:
          c. This is how much you owe to IRS: (add line a and b)


            I am so glad to have accountants in the family who do my taxes.

            downside to that is that they know my salary and bonus etc, haha but the work is free and great quality.

            Ghlaib Mian my schemes only get millions of galiyan ans some duas no dinero.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              I think they should have all Federal forms, schedules etc available to be filled out electronically on IRS site free of charge. I know they had some places where it is free but mainly those are EZ series type forms.

              They can save a lot paper and other resources that way. However, I am sure people at H&R Block won't like the idea any bit.

              ghalib yar, do you have any idea that street smart people like you who know about all these doodady things like free phone calls, stock tips etc put bhudoo people like me into such a severe inferiority complex?