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religion vs culture

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    religion vs culture

    I just wanted to have your opinion about whats more important to you - religion or culture.
    To me - religion is more important. i was born and raised in canada so i don't even know good urdu. i can just understand it a little bit. but my parents have always informed me about my religion. i wear hijab to school, too.

    hey asfia - good for you. i'm glad.
    as for me.....i'd have to go with religion - there are very very beautiful cultures which Islam is made up of.

    i just hate it when the culture doesn't make any sense when it's Said to subside with the religion - contradiction.

    then again, how dare i criticize a culture's doings when i don't criticze my own contradicting doings.
    know what i'm saying.

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        Asfia- I don't think both terms can be classified exclusivley. I mean, aren't there overlaps and links. good on ya for observing the hijab.

        >>there are very very beautiful cultures which Islam is made up of.<<

        kohal, maybe I'm not interpreting your statement, but isn't it the other way around? Don't you mean that aspects of Islam are found in beautiful cultures, and make them all the more richer. Rather than Islam being 'made up' of beautiful cultures. Islam is a way of life, a code if you may, not a potpouri of different cultures.

        Mine would not be a black and white answer. As with everone, Culture is very important to me; as long as its compatible with the ways of Islam.

        I think in the sub-continent, and I don't need to stress this, some hindu customs and traditions do come into practice amongst some muslim households, such as in marriages etc. Now I don't have an EXTENSIVE knowledge on this but, on visiting Pakistan I was at a wedding in the neighbourhood. Whilst sampling the oh-so-tashty food, I came across what I thought was 'mangalsutra' and some old lady revolving a 'diya' around the bride. Since these people were just neighbours and not relatives, I didn't think it polite inquiring. But I was certainly taken aback(!). Not to sound critical, but I dunno if such things are allowed, no matter how much 'traditional' value they hold (?)


          To me i love my religion. I was born and raised in America, but i still like some parts of desi culture. I love having an original different background. But it annoys me when culture goes against religion. I am very proud of u for having the stregnth to wear hijab to school, my best friend does, me inshallah one day. So its all cool.

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          ~Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin
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            Nice topic to discuss mate

            i had this confusion in my mind about this critical question fr. long time

            still waiting for some more opinions with any different views if there is any .. by some more inteligent guppos

            pretty much agreed by 714 , KOHAL

            I always highly respect those who does HIJAB
            and thats actually a power of HIJAB that people respect u and u cant find in any another religion

            Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu

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              Culture + religion = Life.

              Everyone has to mix the culture and religion and keep the balance in the mixture of both to be the good member of the community. U cant only live with religion or culture.


                It is the religion which is the moost important.It doesn't mean that one should not follow ones culture.But if anything in culture is a clear violation of the laws given in the religion then we should give religion the top most priority.
                Following religion is something that can save us from hell-fire(according to evey religion)Culture will not come there to save us.
                For example Islam and Pak.culture.
                Noone can claim that pak.culture is Islamic culture.because people of subcontinent came into the fold of Islam and this way the culture they adopted was a mixture of Hindu
                and Islamic culture.Then Britishers came in and their culture got some influence on that culture.Pak.came into being(with the grace of Allah Almight)So the culture we adopted was a mixture of Islamic,Hindu and English culture which was ofcourse dominated by Islamic culture.So for sure there r many things in that culture that are in contradiction to what Islam attitude of men towards women,parents not giving the right to their children to choose their life partners.,dresses,marriage customs etc.
                So at such a stage one should take guidance from religion not culture.and lot more.
                Result: Both culture and religion r imp. but where the culture is in contradiction to religion,we should follow the it is the most imp.
                Sorry for the reply is very long but the topic was so good and needed explanation
                so,I couldn't stop myself.