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Baa Baa Black Sheep...

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    Baa Baa Black Sheep...

    In the heyday of political correctness, the classical nursery rhyme has been "banned" from playschool...Something to do with "Black" kids being confused about their identity! (did u get that?!)

    (NB: Historically, it does not have a racist element)

    But how awful!...Especially for those of us with public school education...Nothing will be the same again.

    I'm mean, Dolly the Sheep just doesn't have the same charisma and appeal. Oh well...

    Are sheeps related to identity & race? i'm really confused...i've never seen a brown sheep.

    Excellent post!

    It'll be interesting to see what some guppies have to say about this topic.


      seems they don't have much to say...they must be really confused or they've accepted the "facts of life"!


        It may matter to some, but to be quite honest, I am relieved. Those like myself who have been branded as the Black Sheep of the family can now take a sigh of relief. Every time I hear this stupid poem, I go frenzied. Not only this stupid rhyme be banned, but all copies of this poem be burnt and even saying the term “Black Sheep” be punishable by death.

        I am not sure if a poem about inflatable Dolly is any better. Some folks here might object to that.


          Darling Me,

          Guess you are right...not much to say on the subject from the group here.

          I'm curious though....other than this poem, there have been several novels and pieces of literature that were once considered "works of art" that have been banned. Some due to racism related issues and some for the violence that they contain.

          Is there some sort of archive that provides a listing of banned material? How do I find this information?


          Baa, baa....oops...punishable by death you say? shutting up, shutting up....

          What's this about an inflatable Dolly? You don't partake in such activities, do you?


            Why is banned?

            Cuz of Baba?
            Cuz of Black?
            Cuz of Black sheep?

            I dont know why they banned, do they think that balck people are black sheep!

            I think I should do some thing for this, ok , lemme talk to Cillootunn, 2512317365871 dialing yaar......... hellllloooooo yeah cillooo wuz up man? hy ya doin? #!#@$#%#^$#%[email protected]#$~!#@$#@$%!^%&^%&%@#$#[email protected]!#!

            code words aur suno

            may sub kay bhaid khol doonga, yahoo.....

            [This message has been edited by Jaasoos (edited March 08, 2000).]


              Muzna, i'm not sure i can give any concrete info. umm...would the Lost & Found dept. be any good?!

              NYA, why and how so? (ie Black Sheep of family)

              Jasoos...any luck?