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Two more forums??

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  • X Factor
    Bhai sahab, aaap DSL connection mein invest karain. waisay accha hai warna harr topic apni line say bilkul hatt jata tha. Khair, aap ko posts passand naheen aayen, aap khud hi koi acchi baat shorro karain, hum aaap ka saath daen gay.

    Qaum ka Qadim

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  • Akif
    started a topic Two more forums??

    Two more forums??

    I dont think it serves any useful purpose to have yet another forum that serves a similar purpose as one that already exists. Why cant kashmir be discussed in the politics forum..and why does Pakistan politics have to have a seperate entry? The page takes up lots of time loading as it is. Adding more and more forums only adds to the frustration if u ask me. To tell u the truth, specially recently, this whole website can be confined to one single forum..."Useless Blabber". Where are all the regulars? and if they are here, why has the quality of the site gone down so much in recent days/weeks?