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    The Needy

    Theres a saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed"
    I was wondering over through all those years as gupshup has evolved there was never a forum or any kind of help provided to anyone or maybe i missed it out as idid not even log on during the covid days.
    But actually there must be , and if you let me know that would be great help .

    Thanx in advance

    and hello to all the guppies whom i knew and who knew me
    meri ankhoon ki siyahi ; piya deti gawahi :)

    Salamz and welcome back!

    As far as GS goes there have been long bondings and friendships between Guppies on individual and group level but overall there is nothing that could be shaped as a helping forum to those who want some therapeutic help (I'm guessing thats what you mean by any kind of help provided)

    As much as we welcome people to open up and tell us their side of the story and then get the feedback, we couldnt materialize into something that people can look forward to when they need help.

    But how about we give it a shot now? Any ideas how to proceed and make an effort to create a trustworthy listening environment?
    Attitude is more important than facts.
    "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"


      well i know a case where help was needed and help was given.
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