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    Request for Prayer


    as some of you know, my sister went through surgery for cancer just 2 weeks ago and is recovering from it now.

    Her Chemo starts soon, and we are all praying that it cures her.

    She went to visit her Oncologist and due to weakness fell on the steps outside and has injured herself.

    Her chemo would start next week.

    Please remember her in your prayers. We need all the prayers we can get.

    Thank you

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    [This message has been edited by Fraudz (edited February 26, 2000).]
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    May Allah give her SHIFA, Ameen!



      May Allah give her Shifa. Insha Allah she will be fine Farudia yaar dont worry. Everything will be fine, I know Chemo is tough but Insha Allah pray and everything will be fine, Allah aap ki behan ko sehat yaab karay.




        My folks will be heading out for Haj in about two weeks inshallah. I will ask them to remember your sis. in their prayers also.


          Fraudia jee, aap ki hamsheera ki tabiut ka sun kay asfoos hoa. Allah tala un ko lambi sehat wali umer ata fermaŠy. aameen.
          I will remeber her in my prayers.

          O Lord of People! grant relief rom her illness, for you are the healer.
          There is no healing except that which comes from you.
          So, grant complete healing without leaving a trace of illness.
          zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


            Our prayers are with you Fraudia. May she recover to full health very soon, Insh'Allah.

            Hang in there buddy, I've had my share of such instances too, it's a testing time so keep it strong!


              I will remember your sister in my prayers. I am sure the Almighty will accept our prayers and give her shifa, Inshallah.


                "ya man ismohu dawaa
                ya man zikrohu shafaa"

                "Oh He whose name is a remedy
                Oh He whose remembrance is a cure"

                Remember The Most Merciful and He will answer your call, as He, out of His Mercy has promised.


                  Allah unhe sehat ata farmaaey. Ameen.

                  Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The BeerHolder


                    Fraudia,your sister will always be in my prayers!.......Insha-Allah she will be in good health.Ameen



                      That's sad news man. I will definitely say a dua for her and hope Inshallah she has a speedy recovery.

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                        Thinking of the whole family - all of you are in my prayers.


                          We're thinking and praying for Apa and for those that know and love her. May Allah grant her health, ameen.


                            Allah app ki sister ko aur jitney be loog cancer ke mareezzz hia un ko theeeeek thaaaak karey aur...aur bakii sub ko es bemarrii se door rakhey ammeeen....MR>Froaudiya my mammu died of cancer...its terrible anyways i hope your sister jee gets better soon...


                            Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


                              May God cure your sister and give her a happy and healthy life. My good wishes for your sister and your family.

                              Take care.