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Pakistan vs N American discussion

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    Pakistan vs N American discussion

    I find it interesting to note that in Gup Shup, the good number of discussions are about events regarding Pakistan or North America. Also interesting is the fact these discussions are being characterized.

    If someone want to discuss an issue or event regarding Pakistan, he/she is supposed to go or forced to go to Pakistan Affairs section which in my opinion, is not a very popular place. However, in case of North American discussion, it could happen anywhere. We can talk about American politics, culture, and living practically anywhere in Gup Shup.

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one to feel it or someone already has pointed it out.

    Amaan Yaaar kaisi behas shoroo kar di.
    The topics related to Pakistan become political so politics is a better place.

    HUm purranay papi haen yahan kai.

    waisay topic should be either "pakistan vs N. America" or "Pakistani vs N. American"

    Sumjhay munnay?