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Song for Kashmiri girl

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    Song for Kashmiri girl

    Goodbye Kashmir's rose,
    May you ever grow in our heart...

    Alibeta kkhh choked up to here with emotion. Thankoo. We all love Kashmirigirl. But she say she happier and enjoy herself more.

    KKHH 3.65


      I think Mundyaa wanted to pay his tribute to kg too, but posted on RAG by mistake.

      Lets have some fun the big boys of are ur guests for a couple of days.... bring on ur honies pimp.

      mundyaa lays down by the side of a bed petting his rabbit with one hand and with brand new dollar bills in the other....... kg comes around with her naked belly and shakes her booty for a couple of dollars, which prompts anchal to do the same. however she only gets "get away from me bhangan, last time i messed with a bhangan.... my dad had her misplaced" in return.


        Well, he said much worse about Aanchal later on .... but then again, he is still getting used to the freedom.

        Mundyaa - you should take lessons from Azkhar bhai and Fraudia bhabi ... at least they do it subtly.

        good thing he is so islamic .. can't imagine if he wasn't.
        ps1: Any more insider mod news that you wanna post, guys ???

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          nerds from one board criticizing the geks from another board. Ahmaq log, get a real life losers.

          All of you geeks are so childish.

          Qaum ka Qadim

          PS: what sort of complex or hangup do you really have?
          PS2: did i mention get a life? :>