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    Hi. Today I got a chance to look at this great site in detail. I actually read about the board of directors and how this beautiful page came about. I also learned how diverse the list of volunteers and employees is. Kudos to Chowdhary Sayb Shahjehaan saani for putting it all together.

    Can Chowdhary sayb shahjehaaN saani also please direct me to the information regarding:

    (1) What is the exact name under which this organization is registered as a non-profit?

    (2) Which state is it registered in?

    (3) Where can I find the Mission Statement?

    (4) Are there any annual meetings of the board of directors and are they open to the public? (I understand that they should be)

    (5) Where can I obtain information about the accounts of this non-profit so I can make sure that it is a good non-profit before I give you my tax-exempt contribution.

    Thank you. I hope you do give me an answer and not delete this post. You can also send me email if you want. Butit'd be better if you just post all that here. Maybe other generous guppies like me would give some contribution.

    Ever so sincerely yours

    Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai 3.500
    Email: [email protected]

    Oye KKHH ke bache, lunch ke liye 2 daalar mere se maang raha tha aur abh ayea hai baRha donation dene wala Kiya hua? lotto tou nahi niqal ayee??

    CM - Also running 2 non-profit organisations.


      i thought it was one question, but there seem to be several...

      i dont believe in non-profit organizations.
      show me the money!



        Azkhar bhai why banding my brother? My brother ask queschun and azkhar bhai band him. No dirty porno queschun or jalus queschun or advetizment queschun. Bhaiyya ask Azkhar bhai where he give Chanda. Bhaiyya was genrous give zakat every ramzan and fitra and qurbani khal to darul uloom. Now KKHH3.6 smell some black in masoor ki daal because bhaiyya band for asking inosant queschun.
        Rag log please attand bhaiyya soyem and chaaleesvaan. Chanay ka khatam and fatiha and all rag kids get chanay and revri after niaz and good lunger with qorma and shahi TukRay.

        KKHH 3.6
        "Mujh ko Sadma hai meray bhai ke tum jaatay ho" :-(


          Azkhar bhai, fust of aal let me be your 3001th member.

          Azkhar bhai how ya doin'? KKHH just come invite all guppies to bhayya's soyem khatm e quran and eesaal e sawab.

          Also azkhar bhai infaarm kkhh of board of director meeting. kkhh want attend to see azkhar bhai in action.

          KKHH 3.65

          sar pe kafan baandh kay hum aaey haiN run meiN