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    sheeeesh !!

    I just visited the mega.buk.buk site but i must say that i wasn't impressed. I mean this is supposed to be a pakistani site guyz... and all i see there is a whole lot of swearing, sex etc.... are we really that close to losing our identities as muslims and pakistanis.. I must say that it was a bad move... hell with free speech... HELL with it...
    There are forums where these ****ty minds can go to vent themselves but it shouldn't have been a paki site...
    comments ????



    I`m totaly agree with you !

    Yeh qiamat ki nishani nehi to aur kya he ???
    Kya ho gea he Pakistanis ko ?????
    Woh jo dil hain kaar le magaar yeh on ko bilkol soot nehi karta !!!


      Thanks for reply....
      Also guyz... did you check out the religion section or the general section...Fake God/Prophet (Nauzubillah).... how bad us pakistanis are etc..... I don't think all this should be there....
      Also. No Moderators - what the heck do you guyz mean. Have you ever seen any amount of people living without a person who is in charge and keeps them in control.. I haven't.. I have seen animals like that but not humans....just goes to show that we are being stupid here.....
      This is supposed to be a family site eh..? I am 16.. Hanna Memon is 14.... I know my brother who is 10 occassionaly comes to the board. I don't think the content here is appropirate for any of us... Sure you can argue all you want about how 16 and 14 year olds are old enough..... the fact is that a 'family site' shouldn't have ANY swearing etc whatsoever.... The purpose of this board should be to talk etc but in a way which does not offend a clean to the point manner.... I haven't read a single disclaimer on either of the two site (mega.buk.buk and gupshup) which tells me that stuff which is not suitable for me is going to be on the sites....
      Also the major problem seem to be desis who are living in north america/britian... who think since they live in such places, they are free to swear in pakistani message boards.. I am not being stereotypical (sp?) but most of the pardesis are kinda them you are pakistani guyz.... ban a post, delete it if it has any swearing/offensive stuff at all.
      Pls. look into it admins..



        I agree, however as a kid, when I used to torture my parents, so they would let me do something that they thought were ’bad’ for me, my Ammi jee would always say ”Jao ker lo shauq poora…..” so let the ppl try that form of freedom, for how long can ppl keep cursing each other? Let’s see if they can differ between freedom of speech and idiocy. I wonder if that is our understanding of the word.

        LaRki Pakistani,
        Lahaul je muthi bhar log hangama ker rahe haiN woh bhi jaane kahaN aur aap sab ko lapait rahi haiN, not fair huh
        Btw, fik vi nogensinde hilst på hinanden? Nah…ok Jeg er Saba, fra Danmark. And you?


          sabah, glad that you agree with me. However i differ a bit from the 'shoq pora kar loe...' thing..... would any president or prime minister who is in charge of a large group of people let the people get out of hand.... kia woe un koe shoq pora karney day ga....if the people wanna riot, if they wanna act like jerks....the person in charge would stop them...
          Myself living in Canada... i think that desis here are extremely spoiled... I am a strong believer that this freedom of speech thing should be limited...or atleast its true meaning should be understood by everyone...
          Instead of maintaining these forums, the admins went and made another forum for the bad eggs..... If i was an admin here, you can be sure as hell that my first priority would be to make this place look like a family place where intelligent people can talk, get opinions, broaden their views etc...not a place where they can vent their dirty minds...
          If the admins don't step in and 'crush' these kinds of people who plague the net, we will just have to wait and see how long they can keep this nonsense on...
          Lets just see when these people will learn...


            Sabah !
            Pehli baat keh muje samaj nehi ai keh ap ne kya likha (to me) Sorry...
            vel vi har ikke hilst på hverandre før Jeg er fra Oslo

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              Hi, what's the URL for the Web site?



                the purpose behind megabubuk was to prove that non-moderated forums will ultimately fail!

                Its a place where people speak from their innerselves. Watch them exposed there.

                But Nobody is saying that we cannot weed out the posts after a while. Afterall, people do throw away their trash.

                Azkar Choudhry


                  I don't like that site at all

                  Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The BeerHolder


                    Girta hey shah-sawaar, meydaan-e-Jang mein
                    Wu tifal kiya larrey, jou ghutno key bal chaley

                    Ammar this is for you. Aap kee samajh mein
                    na aye, tou kissi badey sey pouch lijea ga.



                      Ammarr, i totally agree with you, it should be closed asap.