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    my 2 cents

    After reading over the disagreements that have occurred over the past few days,a lot of thoughts have come to mind. Although I had intended to not get involved, I have decided to put in my two cents . So here goes:

    *Ahem* Here I go: is an awesome site. It has surpassed any other Indo-Pak site that I have visited in that it contains a wealth of information and facilities. Some may say that I am biased because I am married to Fraudia, however, the number of contributors and participants on the site speaks for itself (including all of the people who are posting messages with unkind words).

    This “war” seems to be escalating without cause. I am not involved in the battles, just wanted to give my take on what’s going on. I like to consider myself an expert in this field (ok ok, maybe not an expert, but definitely experienced ) because I do this for a living. I was a consultant for my company which is hired by several large corporations ( I would love to name drop but that would be a breach of my confidentiality agreement) to manage their online communities. I have since moved to the training department and now train employees and clients on the best practices and processes for managing online communities. The only reason I bring this up is because message boards and chat rooms are the building block of communities. Therefore, there need to be some standards in place. Everyone wants to bring up the issue of freedom of speech, but the fact remains that freedom of speech really only exists in the United States of America. The way the internet is setup allows people from all over the world (and maybe beyond ) to access and view websites that may have been developed in the U.S. but cannot be restricted to the U.S. therefore “freedom of speech” is not applicable on the internet. Besides, is a privately owned site. The user agreement lists site rules that are standard. The basic premise is, you’re more than welcome to participate on this site, but just like in real life, there are rules to abide by. Everyone has the option of not registering if they feel the rules are unfair. If a rule is broken, then there are consequences (having your message edited, deleted, or being banned)to deal with. I have seen complaints of messages being deleted for no apparent reason. The bottom line here is, as a user, you may not be aware of the motives behind altering/deleting a post. Sometimes the admin/moderator has a reason to delete the post that you would never understand. For example, one of my clients happens to be one of the largest entertainment corporations in the world. This company does everything from making movies, music, and television shows to pioneering interactive sites and features on the web. As the manager for this account, I had to moderate several message boards and chat rooms. At times, I had to delete posts that were not in themselves necessarily offensive, but had the potential to lead a discussion into offensive/inappropriate content according to site guidelines. When a post was deleted, there often was a backlash from the user, and consequently would result in having the user banned. I can easily see how such a thing may have occurred on and now it is being blown out of proportion. Once again, the site rules clearly stated : “We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.” It seems that some people have a hard time coping with being reprimanded for clearly breaking the rules.

    I think that Azkar Bhai and all the other team members have been doing a tremendous job in maintaining this website. There will always be disagreements and fights, however, I think that the level of loyalty and number of posts that continue to come through are a testament to the sound judgment and professionalism to the highest degree found within the site and its administrators.


    Kuch Nain Kahan. Magar Sahee Kaha.

    Jeetee Rahoo.

    Sab Ka Baba. MalangBaba


      wow, that was deep. i'm serius.


        Thanks for your "2 cents"'s worth a great deal more than that babez-bhabhi.