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UrgentAppeal from Rayyan Center at University of Chicago

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    UrgentAppeal from Rayyan Center at University of Chicago

    Rayyan Center

    PO Box 4857, Chicago Illinois, 60680.

    Attention: Urgent Appeal

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim,

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh

    Inshaa Allah this reaches you in the best of health and the best state of

    As most of you know, Rayyan Center has been raising funds for the past
    four years to establish a muslim center at the University of Illinois
    at Chicago campus. Today, the Rayyan Center committee is happy to
    announce to everyone that there is a potential building. The building
    is a walking distance away from the classrooms. Currently the building
    is zoned as residential but we will apply for changing its zoning.

    An offer was made to the seller and it has been accepted. However, we
    need to raise around $30,000 more to put as a down payment. We have
    already a little more than $100,000 but need more for the down payment
    and the closing costs. We need the remaining $30,000 by this coming TUESDAY,
    August 31.

    Please support us in this crucial phase of this endeavor.

    We all have been waiting for this for a very long time. Please ask your
    friends and family to donate to the project. This will be the beginning
    of a series of fundraising inshaa Allah and may Allah reward all of us.

    For now, if 120 of us raise $250 each, the target is achievable very
    easily. We need to raise this amount urgently as we plan to close on
    next tuesday. If you know of anyone who is even willing to lend the
    Rayyan Center any amount, please let us know.

    We would really like to avail this opportunity. Let's make this a
    fundraising marathon over the Internet. Please send an email to Info-RC
    <[email protected]> if you are willing to donate or send it to the
    following address:

    The Rayyan Center
    P.O. Box 4857
    Chicago, Illinois 60680

    Jazakum Allah khairan

    Rayyan Center Committee

    PS: Pl. spread the word, and send the appeal to as many potential donors as
    you can.