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    Message from Human Development Foundation

    ( Mods: I'm not sure where this thread belongs so please move it to an appropriate section. Thanks! )

    Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone,

    Greetings from The Human Development Foundation. We are contacting you today to
    ask for some volunteer support for the HDF booth at the ISNA convention in
    Chicago on Sept. 3-6.

    HDF is looking for dozens of volunteers who can spend a few hours during one of
    these days to help spread the mission. The time commitment is minimal+ICY- can
    we count on your support?

    A little about HDF:

    The Human Development Foundation seeks to empower disadvantaged people by
    facilitating a movement for a positive social change.HDF is committed to serving
    our community, with the primary focus of our work being amongst the
    underprivileged, helping them get out of the cycle of poverty of resources,
    knowledge and opportunity.

    HDF has succeeded in establishing holistic human development initiatives amongst
    the underprivileged communities in all four provinces inPakistan. In addition
    the Foundation has been able to mobilize the Pakistani American community and
    establish supporting networks in all major metropolitan areas of the USA.

    For more information on HDF visit us at:

    HDF is holding a 1-hour training session +ACY- Pizza Party on Thursday Sept. 2nd
    at 7p.m. at HDF central office in Schaumburg. The schedule for the shifts on the convention is attached to the email.

    Bring Your Friends+ACE-

    The responsibilities of a volunteer at the booth is to+ADs-
    1/ Educate visitors at the booth about HDF
    2/ Provide handouts and literature on HDF and their projects
    3/ Collect donations

    Please forward this mail as an invitation for the new volunteers to get
    involved- will you help us spread the word?

    Thank you in advance for your participation. Please RSVP to:

    Fatima Hussain
    Out Reach Coordinator
    Human Development Foundation
    1350 Remington Rd., Suite W
    Schaumburg, IL 60173