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Hushyari or Mas'tee

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    Hushyari or Mas'tee

    This is an issue of a very uniquely endless, extremely passionate and ever evolving understanding of our universe. I would like to direct this to our professorial community here at Gupshup. Do you think that Hushyari and Mas’tee are two of the same things? I would argue that they are not.

    See, when the cosmos gets to the point where molecules communicate with the environment to produce the kind of puzzlement that pinches your butt like a “moochna” (tweezers) that is Hushyari. On the other hand, While a physical being gets ecstatic about small (or big) things that are circular in shape and produce a liquid from the central tippie of the Paraphernalia. That is Mas’tee. So you see, they are two different concepts.

    Perhaps Mr. Fraudia can shed some light on this matter. As an Administrator this should be a piece of cake for him.

    according to new agreement signed between gupshup rulers and its occupied teritories, nobody is allowed to have piece of cake while on gupshup. u are supposed to go to another site if u want to have any.


      NYAhmadi yar, I am not very hushiyaar (like Fraudia bhai and then again I am no Computer scientist either)...atleast thats what my ustaad used to tell my parents but I once heard this Punjabi shair, you can understand..

      hoshaN naaloN mas'tee changi
      rakhdi sadda Tikaanay.

      yar, when I was younger that 'hushiyari' thing was more dominant although now than I am more mature....mas'tee ka aalam jiyada haavi hai.....whenever I see some big round circular thing.....rather two big round things.....ahemmm ahem......I mean there is nothing like dou moTiaN moTiaN naagan vargiaN ukhaN(nothing like two round big naagan jaisee aankheiN)....and when I see those I get very mast...that mastee some times translates into kharmasti(now that is a new concept for lot of ppl here....and just discovered yesterday where this word 'kharmasti' came from in Punjabi...thanks to our visiting Pushto speaking member, always wondered when a masti turns into I know) and then....(dammit NYAhmadi I read your post again....what the hell are you talking about....yahaN bache bhi aatay hain...kujh sharm karo )....and then....chhoRho yar...kujh nai haal tera vi....



        My good buddies, the debate is not about some “cake” as ZZ thinks it is, it is about the genetic makeup of neurons in our brain. This bizarre concept is still dimly understood. It is about finding the solutions to “hyper activity” that is result of an ever-increased consumption of sweet stuff (known as Mith-tha). As ChannYar has explained, it is not about how Hushyar one is but how Mast one can get. It gets increasingly complicated after that.

        To reach to any scientifically accurate conclusion, one needs to grab the tool and get a feel for it before measuring the wavelength (or length) to an absolute accurate measure. If the gross length exceeds the harmonic total of estrogen, then the theory is true, otherwise it requires elastic measures, like pulling it to get the longevity effect.

        So dear ChannYar, and dear ZZ yar, take another shot at it. And let’s see if you think differently.



          after careful thought and deliberations I have concluded this.

          People like you and I are blessed with Mastee


          many baccha log are stuck in hushyari phase...

          oh btw read the gupshu milkcarton thread.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            hoshyaari kah yeh alaam aya hai,
            keh maasti beeh abh sharmati hai,
            nainohn main uskeh dekhteh ho kyoon,
            jubh jawaani TUMEH yaad aati hai.


            *ahem... hoshyaar woh logh hotain hain joh bohot baatain kuch baatohn meh kehdehteh hain... maasti walay woh logh hotain hain joh bohot baatohn main bohot kumh kehtay hain. *


              Masti is sweet and tingly. It's ecstatic and dormant but yet forceful. Hushyari is vehment and wakening.

              Masti is after a huge meal of saag and chopri roti with lassi on a 'shikar dopahar' in June-July in Lahore, during the 'nap' time.

              Hushyari is out of heat at midnight during the same months, same city.

              I think there is even an equation that proves direct relationship between weather and proportionality of estrogen. And there is even a constant there. And no, it is not Newton's 'K'.


                As my young and impressionable niece would say.... "What the???!!"

                Roman....if not Newton's then who's "K"?