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Why Do Pakis smoke so much ?

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    Why Do Pakis smoke so much ?

    I went to a Pakistani barber's shop yesterday.
    I had to wait for about 1/2 an hour,
    till my turn came.
    During this time , I must have inhaled about 30 cigarettes !!

    Everyone in there was smoking ( including the
    barber )

    What can we do to educate our people about
    the dangers of smoking

    A Smoked out

    #2 don't ask me why..

    I don't smoke.. never did... never will.
    i hate that myself..

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      I hate smoking i hate dad smokes i tell him like everyday to stop it and he doesnt smoke in side the house...see he tells me not to come online and no to drink tea/coffee cuz its addicted too...but i want to make a deal with him if he stops buying cigrates(which is not gona happen) i ll stop those coming to internet(i ll try) and not drink tea or coffee...nice deal dont you think


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        are you related to Gen Musharaf

        excuse me but ppl have the right to lead their lives by their own wills .....not dictated by you

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          Dangg thats harsh anchal


            Anchal sweetie, people have a right to live their lives their own ways, but when it comes to smoking, it is not only their own lives they are harming but of everyone elses who is around them. Heard of second hand smoke? Heard of people who had never touched a cigarette getting lung cancer just because they lived with a smoker or worked around smokers?

            Sallamas barber should be considerate enough to have a small smoking area for the smokers and himself, where the smokers can ruin their lungs all they want without harming those of the non-smoking clientele.

            I personally, had the misfortune of getting one of those seats infront of the smoking seats on PIA. There was not a minute in that entire trip from NY to Islamabad, that there weren't cigarettes being lite and puffed, and cancerous smoke being blown in the air. Damn!! All of the non-smoking passengers, including me, reaked of disgusting cheap cigs by the time we got off at the airport. Not to mention, I suggested to the other innocent passengers that they have tests done as soon as possible for the risks of having developed some disease, thanks to the smoke-aholics in that plane.



              I am not a smoker but hey..if smokers wanna smoke..let em do it. Smokers have a right to smoke. It is interesting that people talk about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, yet do a 180 degrees when it comes to smoking. If its not illegal and a smoker wants to smoke...let the person smoke.

              If you are bothered by it..move. If you are stuck in a plane...make sure next time you make sure you get seats that are far away from smoking sections.

              You may not agree with the smokers actions, but dont dictate your ideas on them. Most of them are old enough to make their own decisions as wrong as we may feel that they are.

              I would rather lobby the airlines and other stablishments to ban smoking in their facilities.
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                MrFraudia, one feels lucky enough to get a place to sit i.e. get a seat on PIA in rush season, forget having a choice of seats, window, aisle, centre, bulk, near the restrooms (eek!), or non/smoking.

                As for lobbying, you got it! But try lobbying with PIA officials, most of whom, are chronic smokers themselves.

                Oh, and puhleez! You cannot compare freedom of speech with freedom to smoke down a non-smokers throat! A person voicing his/her opinions about something in whatever fashion is not going to hurt the other persons health. I don't have a problem with smokers smoking. As I said, they can smoke all they want as long as they don't hurt me. If I was at a barbers shop with the barber and most of his patrons blowing smoke, you bet I would think they had no regard for hurting the health of the non-smokers and were being inconsiderate. What stops them from stepping off to a smoking corner or outside, and enjoying their cig, keeping their rights and those of the non-smokers intact.


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                  Okay so PIA can not accomodate your choices, why do business with then? You as a consumer have a right to choose a different airline and not give PIA your patronage.

                  You said...Oh, and puhleez! You cannot compare freedom of speech with freedom to smoke down a non-smokers throat!

                  Sure I can, they both have to do with freedom of choice and civil liberties in general.

                  Until it is illegal, the right of a smoker to smoke is still a right and they may feel as strongly about it as you feel about your freedom of speech. I may say that I dont want someone forcing their opinion down my throat...but that is their right.

                  You said..A person voicing his/her opinions about something in whatever fashion is not going to hurt the other persons health.

                  Well..A person voicing his/her opinion in a negative and abusive manner may hurt the other person's emotional wellbeing. It can be argued ya know. That is why they have libel lawsuits.

                  Obviously you were not the intended target market for that barber and were in a minority. Instead of assuming that majority of the people in that establishment should have regard for your health, maybe one should have regard for their choice and let them smoke. Smokers dont insist that everyone smoke in a non smoking establishment..likewise a non smoker should not assume that the smokers should stop their smoking just because one non smoker is among them.

                  What stops them from stepping off to a smoking corner or outside, and enjoying their cig, keeping their rights and those of the non-smokers intact.

                  (What stops them? a SIGN saying...No Smoking.
                  i see smokers huddled outside my office building smoking 50 yards from the building because the policy states, no smoking within 50 yards of the bldg (some insurance thingie)
                  So basically...smokers have a complete right to smoke in an area which is not designated as a non smoking area. They can be considerate and stop smoking, or the non smoker can be considerate and let them smoke and stand outside.

                  Civil liberties are civil liberties, and should not be judged in a different manner. Until it is made illegal, smokers are well within their rights to smoke in areas and facilities which are not designated as non smoking.

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    The initial question was ..why pakistanis smoke so much.

                    well, its brilliant marketing, image portrayal in our media etc. same reason anyone smokes really.

                    Read our literature or watch our dramas or movies.... The hero is cool, smokes in a very classy manner and even blows smoke in the chicas face. the bad guys smoke too but they smoke in a vulgar manner hero has cigarette danglling from a corner of his mouth when he tells the villain off.

                    Smoking was made a part of an adveturer, a romantic and classy bloke....and generl public bought that image.
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                      Thats called NEGETIVE EXTERNALITY to society

                      Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
                      "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


                        Hey guys...smokers have every damn right to inhale whatever they want to.....BUT...when it comes to exhaling....20 people exhaling smoke in barber shop where non-smokers are present.......They cease the right to exhale smoke. Because it interferes with other people's right. If barber says, like Fraudia ,that go some where else if you don't like the environment(air quality) in my shop...he can go out of buiness becasue law requires him to provide healthy environment for all his customers not only his favourtite ones. Of course he can build a separate room where smokers while waiting can go and enjoy themselves. That what Dixsi is saying and I agree 100% with her views.

                        Freedom of doing something does not mean freedom of doing something that hurts others....and second hand smoke has been proven deadly by numerous studies and is a scientific fact now.

                        here in California we have a law where no on can smoke in side the business building..other than the designated smoking aream which is required to be environmentally separated from the rest of the building...meaning having its own exhaust system and AC air inlet. So people usually take a break and go outside to smoke in the parking lot or special sheds made for them. Not only that we had a case here in our city where in some company, people were going out and smoking in the overhead shed built to cover the side door to the building from rain. They will keep the door open and stand there to smoke and chat and most of the smoke will blow right into the some one complained to the city. Some inside employee and city inspected and found a heap of cigg butts close to that door....guess what law says they can not smoke with in certain feet to any air inlet to the building or door, window they were violating the law and rightly caught. There are very few business, restaurants etc who povide smoking sections here anymore. Things have really changed in the last 4-5 years due to public awareness about second hand smoke.

                        May be its time desi businesses running in USA start following the rules of the land. Its not there corner shop in their mohalla.



                          Sissy's smoke! Pot is for real men!


                            Can Mahi

                            next you will say that Patrons of Cigar Bar should not smoke if there are non smokers among them.

                            I dont smoke, the second hand smoke gives me a headache, but if I am in an establishment which allows smoking, my problem is not with the smokers, but with the establishment.

                            The establishment may well be within its rights to consider itself a smoking facility in which case the only recourse one has is to lobby the mgmt, chamber of commerce etc etc depending on the size and nature of the business.

                            It is not fault of any single smoker there. They should not be expected to extinguish their cigarettes just because one person does not smoke.

                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                              Hey Chanmahi!!!! Didn't know you post here too, ah, another familiar name.

                              MrFraudia, I wouldn't expect the smokers in a cigar bar or smokers lounge to extinguish their cigars/cigs when a non-smoker joins them, not at all. Again, comparing a barber shop with a cigar lounge is sort of weird don't you think? One a place for cutting hair where people of all ages/denominations/etc come to CUT hair and the other a place specifically to smoke cigars (I thought people don't do that anymore ) and chat. There is something called plain curteosy. For eg. hypothetically speaking, I am a smoker, and I go to a restaurant, sit in the smoking section, yet, for one reason or the other I'm seated by a family with little kids. Now, I have the right to smoke my lungs off where I am, but will I? No. I think it will be plain rude and inconsiderate to smoke around little kids, whether it is legal or not. And what made them come sit there in the first place would not be my concern. I would smoke in the planes' smoking section too, but would I smoke like a chain smoker, lighting one cig after another, and make that place a cigar lounge, so I can abuse my rights? No.

                              As for me getting a seat with PIA, Ofcourse, if and when I do have a choice, I will not fly with them, though I think they need all the foreign currency help they can get and I think I am supporting our airlines when I do buy a ticket from them (Ah, call me patriotic, but that is how I am).

                              Chanmahi summarized it very nicely, by saying that it is about time our Pakistani/desi business start realizing the rights of the non-smokers and smokers alike. Both people have rights. As far as I know, there is no awareness so far about this in the restaurants, businesses, and other places in Pakistan. That should tell you something.

                              Pagluu, Negative Externality? Hmm. Interesting. I've never heard of that term.

                              Alibeta, are you a "real man"? Mera matlab, do you do pot?! I've never done pot, I wonder if it endangers the lives of the non-pot doers around the pot doers.