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I had that Bad Habit once...

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    I had that Bad Habit once...

    Yeah guys, I admit I use to smoke, no not that drug stuff just simple smoke. I remember when I was in school, smoking was considered a COOL habit. Having a cigeratte between you lips with couple of buttons of your shirt opened showing you chest bones with no meat on it was considered a COOL thing. I was cool kid before I realize that it was not that cool anyway. I never smoked more than a pack but still I considered my self a smoker.

    After smoking for 20 years, I start feeling /seeing the after effects of cigerattes. So, I decided to quit, I went to my doctor and he recommended ZYBAN (no this is not a ZYBAN AD.). I took that medicine for a month and saw the result. Today is exactly 2 years for me and I am still a none smoker and loving it and smelling lot better, breathing lot better. But there is one problem, when I was a smoker I was only 140 LBS with 38" chest and 30" waist, now it's otherway around, my chest is still 38" but gaining weight around my waist. I am already at 33" and still growing. Please help me, I have tried everthing, bought a bicycle and did it for 1/2 hrs everday, for 6 months, no result. Bought treadmill last year and I am walking/jogging for 1/2 hour everyday and still not result. I am still gaining weight, I am at 178lbs now.

    But Still I have a message for young KIDS, JUST SAY NO to smoking, it's not cool to smoke.

    Do people really gain weight after they quit smoking? is it a direct result of quitting or is it because they may start over eating or somfin to compensate.

    I have heard this many times but dunno if and why there is a correlation.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      John...kiya hua hai tujhe aaj....har baat pe NO kiye ja raha hai....hahahaa



        Good for you JohnD. Smoking stinks. I used to smoke occasionally with friends but never really developed it as a habit because I was an athlete and smoking is a no no when you run over a 100 miles a week. (I experimented with drugs in my youth and I am not proud of that either). In terms of your waist, 33 is not bad but you may wana get to 150- 160 range. Exercising is good, but running only for an hour is not enough. Try to gradually get upto doing 10 miles every other day.


          john sahab

          aap ka qadd kitnay fit hai?
          yeh wazaan aur kamar ki batain toh saheeh hain magar they must correspond with the height.

          dard-e-kamar ho gaya aap ko?

          Nawazish Karam Shurkiya Meherbaani

          Qaum ka Qadim
          X-factor (aka Malang)


            Abey Chann Ji, keya keh reya hay, abey NO nahin kahoon tu keya kahoon.

            NYA, Thanks, but I am affraid that by doing 10 miles every other day will probably damage my heart (Dil na tut jai). But I do need your input on the speed on walking. I usually keep the speed between 3.7 MPH to 4.4 MPH. is it too slow for a starter?, I will love to do 10 miles in a day but GODAY GITTAY KHURUK JAAN
            GAY. How do I increase the speed and mileage, let me know.

            X-Factor, let me see, how about 6'5".
            ooopppps wrong actually 5' 6"

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