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I would like to abdicate my throne on this…

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    I would like to abdicate my throne on this…


    I hereby resign from my position as a moderator at GupShup. Akar, Muzna, fraudia my comments are in the mods forum but here is what I would like to say to the public.

    I chose to be a moderator because it would allow me to help create an environment for open discussion, learning and entertainment.

    However, often in the drive for creating a safe environment people choose to make decisions, which create an environment that is full of homogenous drones and sycophants (Minhaj you STUD I like that word). They then cannot and will not face people who present a deferring opinion.

    It is then that people in power exercise it and have no qualms about choosing to implement it. The forum then does not remain an open one but an oppressive one.

    However, this is right of the powers that be. This is after all not a democracy and it is someones private site..that they created.. paid for...and invested their time and heart on. Therefore, they can tell anyone and everyone they choose too, not to come and play if they wish too..and all on a whim.

    So, I now choose not to participate in an organizations management team when the mission and goals of the administration are contrary to my own

    Thank you for the opportunity and of course see you around.

    p.s. Anyone who has access to shpooki could you please have him email me at [email protected]?
    ps2 Yes, that Devil (formally known as a member of gupshup) is a stud too!

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    Dear Kash... We will miss you. Thank you for all you could do for us. And we feel sorry that you feel that way... But then again, one can only sit in one boat ...

    Azkar Choudhry


      I'll just re-print what I've posted in the Mod section:

      Thanks for being up-front about it. There is no point in being a part of something that doesn't suit your needs or your principles.

      I won't get into discussing why you have suddenly decided to change your position on the matter as only recently you were among the first few to support Azkar and the admin team in their approach to banning in the dev thread. There is no point delving into what doesn't matter.

      Suffice it to say that your volunteer contribution to GupShup has been exemplary and of the highest calibre. On behalf of the the entire team I'd like to thank you for your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours wherever they may take you.

      Good Luck and stay in touch.



        A person shud be able to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from with in....A person shud be able to detect what he really believes in.....And to standup for what u believe in is a very honorable thing to do.....I am proud of ya my Kashmiri Sista....

        And i won't miss u.....hehehe...hey u r just a beep away on "AIM" keep in touch ***Hugz***



          No need to drag this issue. My deepest apologies to Kash for not being able to provide her means where she could allow advertisements of other misleading websites. I can understand she would have felt helpless and consequently, she thought she would be doing some people a favor by leaving us. But then, hey, its a free country. We still and will always respect her and consider that she left for a cause (however wrong that may be in the administration of this website).

          Best of luck Kash.