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    Yaaro, I lied to a Goraa Family that I know how to make BIRYAANI and guess what? .... they wanna have it and I.....? only thing I know about Biryaani is its made of CHAAWAL ....... so can anybody tell me how to make BIRYAANI type Biryaani.

    I tell u what Never say A "LIE", otherwise 'll be in the deep **** like me, jumping here n there like "Chicken without heads".

    Help me dosto,

    Go to your local Pakistani grocery store and buy a packet of ready mixed biryani spices.

    Just follow the instructions on the packet and mix it in with the rice.



      Meat Biryani

      Biryaani is a rice pilaf, main dish that is best prepared in four individual phases:
      1. Preparing Korma (the actual curry masala)
      2. Preparing Green Masala
      3. Preparing Rice (plain white boiled rice)
      4. Layering the individual ingredients

      Below is a condensed version of the method. Following this recipe should allow you to serve six healthy portions of this main dish. You may choose to serve Raa'ita coal-smoked or spiced as a condiment along with a side of green chili/onion/tomatoe kachoomar (i.e. salad).

      Phase One.
      You will need: 2 lbs of choice meat (mutton/beef/chicken), half cup of dahi (i.e. yogurt) 2 medium onions, handful each of peeled and roasted whole almonds and khubaani (i.e. dried apricot), 1.5 tblsp each of freshly ground ginger and garlic, 1 tblsp each of salt, chili powder and coriander powder, tsp of turmeric, garam masala to taste preference (normally 1 tsp ground garam masala does well) and 1/8 cup of vegetable oil or ghee (i.e. clarified butter).

      Method: Lightly brown thinly sliced onions in oil/ghee. Add all spices and cook until oil bubbles on top of sauce. Add khubaani and almonds - fry for a minute or so - then add meat that has been cleaned and cut to manageable portions. Allow cooking on medium heat for fifteen minutes, stirring often. Add yogurt then lower heat and simmer until cooked through. When using chicken, take extra caution not to over-cook as the meat will fall apart very easily in handling during the final phase of preparation.

      Phase Two
      You will need: 2 med. Tomatoes, 1 bunch of hara dhania (fresh coriander), 1 bunch of paudeena (fresh mint), 1 lemon, and two large onions.

      Method: Slice tomatoes and lemon in 1/8-inch slices, and coarsely chop hara dhania and paudeena. Finely slice onions and deep fry until crispy. Keep these ingredients ready at hand for the final stage of the recipe. In the interest of time conservation you may, prepare the "hara masala" while the Qorma is simmering.

      Phase Three
      You will need: 4 cups of aged, long grain, (preferably Pakistani) basmati rice, 1 tsp salt, 1.5 tblsp of whole zeera, 4 2-inch sticks of cinnamon, 8 sabith laung, 4 baree ela'ichee and 7 cups of water.

      Method: Thoroughly rinse rice and soak in luke-warm water for 15 minutes. Bring water to boil on high heat. Add rice and all sabith garam masala, cover and bring to boil again. Watch like a hawk! Check rice often by talking single grain and pressing between thumb and index finger. If the grain crushes and no solid center pit remains, immediately remove rice from heat and drain all water, making sure to keep lid covered to prevent as much steam as possible from escaping. Note: Removing rice from heat at just the right opportunity is essential to success of this recipe. Kissee aur jagah oonch neech bardashth ho ja'ay gee par chawal geelay nahin honay chahiyay. Before layering be sure to remove cinnamon sticks and baree ela'ichee for presentation purposes.

      Phase Four
      You will need all of the previously prepared ingredients: Qorma, Hara Masala and steaming hot Rice plus, cup of milk and tsp of orange food color.

      Method: Alternately layer the three main ingredients as you work your way up the pot. Begin the bottom layer with rice, add qorma, add green masala, then rice again, qorma, etc. Keep an eye on supply of each - the number of layers shall depend on the height/width of the pot that you select. When final layer of rice is laid, dissolve food color in milk and pour straight down on a two-inch section so as not to cover the entire surface of the biryani. This will ensure that only some rice shall be colored. Finally, cover the pot and place in a 200 deg. F. preheated oven for 15 minutes - remove and serve in platter garnished with a few sprigs of parsley and green chillies.


        Mr. Taj: Thanx for the advice but I tried your way. When I removed the lid after following the instruction, It was some brownish STICKY thing came out which I now use as GUM for the envelopes.

        Muzna Bibi- Thanx for the RHETORICAL recipe u sent, it shows your knack n ability in playing around with the "words", I wish I cud have this ART as well.

        Anyway, Ma'am u haven't mention any Aaloo Bukharey (dried plums) which I used to search for or its not necessary and as far aged rice is concern, here they've got Expiry date on the RICE and nowadays everything is RECYCLED, nothing old even myself is 90-een for last couple of years, not growing at all rather.. ..........

        Anyway, I appreciate your help ma'am and will remain,

        Yours Thankful,



          KKNiazi saheb,

          There are numerous interpretations of the word "RHETORICAL" -- since I cannot possibly estimate neither usage you have employed nor the underlying intent and having learned my lesson about the venom that is so easily acquired in this world, I shall refrain from commenting on your first statement regarding the ART of "playing around with words". In fact, as I suspect that you did not want my help, in the future I shall refrain altogether.

          In so far as your question regarding aloo-bukharay is concerned . . .
          I failed to mention them as well as whole green mirch, green onions, lightly roasted potatoes, raisins and even "asharfee". Most of these are optional and are added to the recipe as personal preference. Feel free to include whatever turns your crank!


            Uncle KK, u know what the Simpsons say... "You're damned if u do it, and you're damned if you don't!"

            Btw...why does all ur postings end off with a burnt edge? U know why freind ship is a hard thing for u, well because you leave no choice for others. Now howz that for a change heh?

            Best of luck for the future ahead


              Muzna Bibi, u have rightly said that there are lot of interpretations of word "RHETORICAL" and you opted for a WRONG one, I simply meant that if I could able to use the words so beautifully and with correct syntax like u did than I wud have written a book (on cooking) with your HELP.

              HELP- We all one way or the other need help, what in the world made u believe that I don't need your or anybody's Help and the very last line of my message says it all "I appr........remain thankful for Help".

              You probably had a "Blink" while going thru last line.

              Venom- yeah, it can very easily be acquired if you want to (optional), there are people living without it.

              Ma'am it seems that u not only have the beautiful words but also the grit or it was the "whole haree MIRCH" that cranked you up.
              Always in need,

              Daysee Behna- your name shud not be DB, it shud be BJ i.e. BEE JAMAALO. since when you have started stoking the fire.

              Burnt Edge- when my postings leave me they all are sound and square when they reach your top floor they probably start giving SMOKE, see is anything steaming up there.

              Friends-who told u that I don't have friends, I've got lot of friends and they have gotta strong faith in me and I've never let them down. I don't make friends by qauntity but quality and Friends is not a word what u spit out and here u become friends its a RESPONSIBILTY which we seldom understand, got it BJ.

              Have u nuked me up?

              Better stick to SIMPSONS.


                Thehe Hey Whatz up? Boy Oh Boy! Yahan thoo
                waqi larnay kay iradain hain. Kiyon? Kharyath? Bj huh? thehehehehehe... that's a good one

                Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, UR nuked again


                  Has anyone bothered to try the recipe?

                  I'd like to have some feedback on how it turns out. . . . .


                    HEY MUZNA,
                    SO LONG

                    [This message has been edited by Enterprise.]


                      .....Oh I almost Forgot, to be honest earlier I was hypnotised by the beauty of the words then came the GRIT which pushed my back to the wall and lied in the corner with the fright, scared of the venom but found it pretty SWEET, now I've called them on lunch, see how it works.

                      BJ how cruel u r, others GHUSSA makes u happy and I tell u what my head spun couple of days back and still spinning, watch out.

                      Enterprize! yaar Baaji Muzna, I mean "bibi" seems to be a member of VENOMJOINT and she won't mind sending it to u, hopefully.


                        I think I'm gonna enjoy the company of you all. At first I felt a bit left out, but I guess it will turn out alright.Keep up the excellent work.


                          Thehe..... Howz it eh? U just had a taste of
                          ur own medicine KK Uncle
                          Now if I were H. Simpsons, He wud have said to KK Uncle something like....
                          " Eh, Eat my shorts! " Thehe...
                          Btw...ur haed is suppose to spinning alright! Why? Well weren't u a mevy go wound, 'n wound, 'n wound, 'n for ever wound ??? !!!!
                          What really made me laugh was that Ha! "U actually fell for it again!" Gotcha good and square this time right? YESsSsSsS!!!!

                          Hey, Enterprize, glad u changed ur name. It did freaked me out a bit down there on the other forum (Venom's joint). Glad to see u around. Hope u have fun

                          ps. Here's a try for Naik ji...


                            Here's another thehe...


                              You misunderstood lady sis, if you go back their, you might find a message I left for you. My email address is "[email protected]" I gave the venom's mailing address 'cuz I didnt have one at the time. He's a friend of mine, nice lad he is. He lets me use his address some times. Hope you can understand.It'll be clear once you read the message in the guest book.