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How can we help the Mujahideen in Chechnya?

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    How can we help the Mujahideen in Chechnya?

    (a) By making dua and supplicating to Allah alone and with other people, to give victory to the Mujahideen and destroy the Russians. The latest news page of our web-site contains some examples of duas that you can make.

    (b) By following the authentic news of the Mujahideen from the following web-sites: (English), (Arabic) and (Russian).

    (c) By spreading this news to as many people and as many places as possible, by the following steps:

    (i) Inform others about our web-sites by putting links on your web-sites.
    (ii) Inform others about our web-sites by e-mailing everyone you know. Please do not send out spam mail so as not to cause inconvenience to people.
    (iii) By printing the web site addresses on paper and putting it up in mosques, centres and university prayer rooms (obtain the proper permission before doing so).
    (iv) By announcing the web site addresses after Friday Prayers in mosques, centres and universities.
    (v) By announcing the web site addresses on local radio stations.
    (vi) By printing out the latest news each day and putting it up on mosque, centres and university prayer room noticeboards.
    (vii) By printing out the latest news each day and giving it to your local Imams and leaders, if they do not have Internet access.

    (d) By collecting as much money as possible from friends, families, relatives and contacts, in mosques, centres, everywhere. Leave this money with a trustworthy individual in your community (informing at least one other person of the amount to avoid errors). Wait until we post the details of the aid organisation able to collect these donations, and then send your money to them. We do not accept or collect donations ourselves as we are only a news outlet.

    (e) If you work for or know someone who works in a reputable aid organisation, inform them that the Mujahideen are in urgent need of Doctors, medical personnel and medical supplies. They are also in need of thousands of small medical combat kits which contain basic dressings, antibiotics, painkilling injections, insertable tampons (to absorb blood from bullet injuries) and other items. A Doctor qualified in Combat Medicine will know what is required. The Doctors and medical personnel should endeavour to make their way to Chechnya through the aid organisations and join the fighting units of Ibn-ul-Khattab. All foreign volunteer help should be directed through Khattab's units, who will then distribute the help as required. Access to Khattab can also be gained by going directly to the fighters under the control of Shamil Basayev. It is better for you to go to Basayev or Khattab rather than join independent fighting militias or regular Chechen Government Forces. Once inside Chechnya, if you have the right contacts, it is very easy to reach Basayev or Khattab's units, despite the Russian lies of the Mujahideen being surrounded.

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    22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .

    I'll go...dont wana live anyways!!!


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      I would rather say that it would be better if we just try to become a good MUSLIM.Once we did it then it would be of GODS problem to help them .ok
      Simple thing is that to create anatmosphere in our country about ISLAM then to create a new life t o the MUSLIMS .


        #4 can we sit here and pretend that life is all happy go lucky when muslim brothers sisters and children are dying? This is called are fighting for Islam...on behalf of Allah (swt).

        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


          One question. Who started this? The Chechens or the Russians?


            Good for you Hinna

            best start would be to go to the Chechen website for the truthful information. There are plenty of retards like Reagan posting lies and disinformation.


            Russians invaded Chechnya, breaking the agreement of 1997 that Russia would not use force to subjugate the Chechens. This agreement was made following the defeat of the Russians in 1997. Prime motive for the war against Chechnya is to get access to the vast oil reserves in chechnya. Putin is banking on a victorious crusade to boost his popularity, similar to the Ramadhan bombings carried out by Clinton against Iraq last year.



              We can do as much as we want or can.
              But, being realstic, should say what we can do actually, only saying is nothing.

              The easiest thing we should do is awreness about Chechnya, what is going on there and why! to the world!

              Mostly people don't know about the situation here is NA.

              So, we should try to use any media, like TV, Radio , internet, newspapers or what ever, to propagate this issue on the international level.

              Onces, we done , we would have done our 10% resposibilty.

              I think every body can do this atleast.

              A friend


              aur -- Tum ...
              Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


                ata is up to us to find out wats going on...but u know we cannot always trust what our countries write about whats goin on..we have to see the truth from those who are there right now.

                well it doesn't stop there..I know some ppl who are seriously thinkin about training for Jihad and going over there to fight...
                22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                  So give funds
                  It's easier to give funds in Pakistan I guess!

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