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For the trouble makers ...

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    For the trouble makers ...


    If you are not enjoying this forum like thousands of others, please feel free to leave for some other place. I am sure you will find many places where filthy language and uncultured manners are welcomed. Not here.

    We have never claimed that this is the best place for you. People who come here and enjoy, do so using their right minds. Nobody wants your opinion on how to compare this forum with others. We wish success to all those forums and request you to honor them by your presence there.

    In the past few weeks, I have noticed several threads aiming at putting down this Organization and GUPSHUP. We could have tolerated this kind of discussion if the same was based on facts. We have never and will never tolerate that you come here and mislead our readers about what we are doing or how we are conducting our business. The sheer number of posts can tell anyone with the right size of brain that this is a popular board and people like it. So, stop telling these people that they are ignorant and should visit some creepy little board of yours.

    And one final reminder: Realizing the stupidity and narrow mindedness of some idiots, we have turned on the full logging features. We have also contacted the DA's Office who will prosecute these individuals to the limits of the law. And itís a hot topic these days. Do something foolish and watch yourself in a fed prison!

    Enough said. I donít want to ruin the environment for our regular visitors.

    If you happen to be the good guy/gal and accidentally reading this post, I would like to apologize for my harsh language and would like to come clean that this is just to make sure that we keep the environment clean for your healthy discussions and happy gupps.

    Best Regards (not for the trouble makers),

    Azkar Choudhry,
    President, Pak.Org

    Azkar jee,

    Salaams and shukria for this message. I think it was long over due.

    I have been wondering as to the point behind these threads...

    Since contributing to GupShup doesn't "bar" one from doing the same, at any other forum(s), then what's the hoopla about?

    And what the need for "comparison" or "discussion"?

    In my opinion, when we feel the need to compare and/or discuss some other forums, we feel the need for "Options" and that is absolutely healthy.

    But what we need to do at that point, is to exercise that opportunity of options and choose what suits us best and as you succinctly put,"..feel free to leave for some other place."

    Not, pick flaws in and/or try to disrupt what obviously we think is not our "suitable" match...

    Shukria again for providing me with a thread to voice my opinion.

    I didn't want to open a thread on my own because being very honest about what I feel and having never practiced patronizing/patting on backs, my post would have probably brought upon me some of the "language" being fling flunged lately!

    I hesitated to start that! laugh!

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      We appreciate your understanding.

      Azkar Choudhry


        I am 100% agree with you on Narrow minded idiots, they tend to push every issue to their religious believes which usually kills the theme of the posts. Like I started the posts on cities of Pakistan to introduce the hostory of the cities of Pakistan and it ended you know where but we were able to learn a lot about Karachi, Pindi, Lahore and Multan. I tried my best to keep it competetive and not to start a debate which will take us to another kind of hate each other situation.

        I love all the cities of pakistan but


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          Well Said Azkar

          I totally agree.
          This is my fav. Web-Page.
          i hope it lasts till the Day I die !!

          A commited Guppie


            *yawn* ... calm down, Azkar. You take yourself way too seriously.

            ps: So who is Schpooki ?



              shpooki? err i think its a person.
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                whoever that was is banned. And you are next on this list, Mr. devuchka. Make one move, and we will tell you that you are not welcomed here.

                *yawn* ... calm down, Azkar. You take yourself way too seriously.
                Yawn all you want. I am taking it seriously cause I have a website to run.

                Azkar Choudhry


                  WOW and A WOW and Another WOW!
                  Azkar ji!!

                  I dont know what happened over here , but u surely seem to be really Red Hot!!

                  Kool down hi blood preasure ziyada ho jaye ga.....abhi is website ko aap ki zaroorat hay..

                  where is Sarinha...she shud send one of her Snow balls this way...

                  Fiqar na Faqa
                  Aish Kar KAKA
                  kaka nira chaaka'
                  phoonk maree tay baj gaya pataka!!


                    Red Hot Chilli Pepper

                    Totally agreed with u BUT
                    Azkar bhai itna Ghussa acchaa nahi

                    Azkar bhai jaan ko thandi thandi lassi maro

                    Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
                    "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


                      Kooooooooooooooooooool down Azkar Choudhry Bhai

                      may sub kay bhaid khol doonga, yahoo.....



                        hey I've got a question..why was shpooki banned n e wayz? Because he asked what a url was? or wat it meant?

                        And as for some opinionated posts...thatz to get a rise out of you folks out think past the cultural norms or the peer pressures out there..and speak what you really feel. Thats what gets a good thread..when you have a good topic that will bring in different opinions from different corners of the globe.

                        " is life when life unveils her holy face, But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror, But you are eternity and you are the mirror."
                        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                          Dear Hinna, I have no intentions to drag this discussion. But here are a few explanations...

                          Somebody was banned as a result of provoking our users and misleading them. To this date, only four people have been banned. I say this is a great accomplishment (consider the number of posts and our public and the type of topics we can sometime elect to discuss). The success is directly attributed to our great mod team, which happens to be the people among yourselves.

                          And as for some opinionated posts...thatz to get a rise out of you folks out there
                          ohh .. sure .. sure.. We never said you have to have a certain opinion. The difference of opinions is what makes this board (or any) so great. As a senior member, you will agree that differences based on opinions will only bring you respect and popularity in this forum. Its only vulgar language and gross misleading and stupidity that will get you banned. And as stated above, the number 4 will tell you that we have a very educated, intelligent and cultured visitor base .. and yes.. some kali bhairian are still among us... but we have limited resources ... we let them go by until they become a headache ... and thatís where you will occasionally see outbursts from me or my admin team .. I hope you understand.

                          I am convinced that I have conveyed my point across. No need to keep this thread open. Thank you all for your support and understanding. Needless to say that its YOU who make this place so great. Last thing we will do is to annoy YOU in any way or limit YOUR access to this board. Least we will do is to make sure that only select and intelligent audience is present around for your reading pleasures and listening to you.


                          Azkar Choudhry
                          President, TOPP