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Bhari .... ???

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    Bhari .... ???

    I was watching a wedding video
    of some 'cousins ' in pakistan the

    And it couldn't pass my atention when they started ' showing off ' all the clothes
    and jewellery and furniture that the
    #bride's family gave to her ..

    Is this strictly right ?
    Or is it something else we have inherited from our Hindu neighbours ?
    I just feel that it is a terrible waste of
    money ...

    A confused

    An excellent know you should put this in religious forum...if you wana see it in pakistan culture than its not that different than hindu cultures but a muslim should live by the islamic rule well one should try to live with islamic rule...i think its MAJOR waste of money people do it to show off you know...i think giving money to bride and marajjj jee is the best they can do what ever they want with it and they dont have to complain about things that they dont like and have to give those things to kaammi who work in the house...


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


      if ppl can afford and want to buy stuff then thats their right ......

      --<[email protected] In Life there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be found @-->--


        Well..showing off and superficial pride isn't "right" in islam....but were you asking islamically? or culturally?

        Anyways...sallama I'm moving this to Arts and Culture section please respond there.

        ps. sallam Did you send me an email about your addy change? um you can change that on your own profile...up on the top right.