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Congrats To Asim!

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    Congrats To Asim!

    Just want to take a moment out to congratulate a fellow net-surfer on his accomplishment.

    Asim Hayat, a Geophysical Oil Exploration Engineer, currently at Stanford, CA has much to boast about.

    Asim's work has led him into projects that many only dream of being a part of. One such project has been with NASA's Space Program.

    Perhaps Asim will take a moment to give us some details on his work.....

    Yes yes Please do asim... Always wanted to know how working at NASA felt like... hey if you can add your intro to the career section .


      hey... so people really win on Gupshup!

      Congrats dude!! Change the trajectory of one of those lunar modules so it can land in dariya-e-sind...


        Wow, first Asim Mughal and his zabardast karnaamay with the Cassini probe and now Asim Hayat.

        I'm gonna change my name to Asim and move to california, takay maiN bhi kisi qabil ho jaooN.


          I am sorry Asim cant be with us. On his behalf I thank each and everyone of you for rooting for Asim and for the show of support.

          (Its Oscar time..I am just giving you guys a sneal preview)
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.