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    Genetic purity...

    During the evolution of life on earth , Sexual reproduction, with the genetic diversity it brought, was a very important mile stone....
    It gave the diversity/ flexibility that was required for propagation of life in ever changing environment of our planet...
    The more complex a system is , the more are the chances of things going wrong, and transmission of genetic code is no exception.
    There can be various abnormalities of chromosomes that can produce varying degrees of abnormalities in the organism , some are totally incompatable with life , which means that particular anomaly dies there( The faulty code isnt transmitted to offspring) , and some that although wont cause death , but can cause great degree of suffering and functional limitations. In animal kingdom such genes are not transmitted , as only the fittest males would breed. Even in humans uptil the last century many of these disorders will die out because either the carrier would die before the age of reproduction , or wont be able to marry and have a family due to functional limitations.....
    In the later half of this century we have seen the emergence of a new problem. Due to advances in medical science , Ppl with physical problems , are able to live , and procreate. so the abnormal genes are being spread more and more. This is resulting in ever greater numbers of kids with diseases, which are getting severe with passing generations.
    What should be the moral solution to this. Given that treatment of these disorders is no where in sight.

    This got to be the best topic/post in a long time!

    More thoughts later... gotta go to work early tomorrow.



      Today, if advances in science and technology have made it possible for persons with physical problems to survive and reproduce successfully, the problem is no longer a problem, it becomes just another harmless variation in the human genome. Yesterday's great afflictions are mere itches under todays conditions, they no longer have the might to wipe out populations that are not resistant.
      I feel it is just another step in evolution, where man evolves to suit his new environment which includes good healthcare.
      Simple ain't easy.


        "What should be the moral solution to this. Given that treatment of these disorders is no where in sight."

        I think the question is related to our morals and the topic is deficiencies which are passed on to others...If one has HIV then would he be careful about his actions? hmm yeah but yeah right! in some cases...
        We all know what morals are (and relating to your other thread we all know what is ugly) but how many of us walk the walk. Anyway, I would rather see people atleast be aware of 'morals', whether they work on it is a different story (which obviously takes more....)



          I don't have any medical knowledge beyond usage of Tylenol so can't say anything with any degree of certainty if there are any cures to such inherent problems.

          But to simplify things, I would take that there are such genetic problems without any known and sure cure. That definitely puts it to a moral dilema. I think it is different than AIDS mainly because AIDS is tramittable through intercourse and I am assuming majority of such genetic 'impurities' are not (may be a presumption, but again, just to simplify the discussion).

          So in such a scenario, couples can have healthy marital/conjugal relationships except for the danger of having handicapped or genetically defected offspring.

          At the very micro level, I think the parents, generally speaking, won't like to bring a genetically impaired human being into world themselves. No couples would knowingly do that. In such a case, I think the options are limited and few, but yet viable. These options could be adoption or sperm donation/surrogateship.

          Given the limitations of other scientific solutions or other subtitutes in such a situation, I think these are 'viable' solutions as well as a morally responsible recourse.

          However, in cases where such parents would not want such a solution but want to have childeren the natural way (which I am not too sure how many parents would knowingly want that), I think if there would be more cases of such genetically impaired childeren, public opinion will rise against such course both a community level and eventually at global level.