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what if there is a fourth war...

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    what if there is a fourth war...

    There was a post in the politics section by Nadeem asking people's opinion about Pakistan helping sikhs in there struggle to get a separate home land for the sikhs. There were some interesting comments from people. Which made me think what if there was another war between Pakistan and India, what will happen?

    First the Indians showed their aggression while Pakistan Army was still in the process of being formed. They attacked from the Kashmir side but due to our brave brothers from FATA we captured one fourth of Kashmir. Then again in 65 Lahore was attacked and it is a very well known phrase that the then Army General of India said that tonight we will have drinks and dinner in the lahore Gym Khana. Then again in 71, but this time our so called "brothers: in East Pakistan betrayed us and joined India against the war against Pakistan.

    What if there is another war Against Pakistan and India? My opnion is that this time India will learn there lesson once and for all. Everybody knows that India was facing a bitter defeat in Kargil till our great leader Nawaz saheb without even consulting the COAS came to the US to set up a deal. But this time it would be a final lesson for India for laying eyes on Pakistan.

    As in the words Aziz Bhatti Shaheed:-
    "Fauj tadaad say nahi Istadaad say banti hay"

    And I believe in that great man's word defending the BRB with a company of men against the enemy's batallion with several tanks. The Indian army was never able to advance forward from the famous village of barqi. This is called Jazba and Insha Allah History will repeat itself and we will teach India a lesson if it does not stop its acts of aggression.


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    I donít have any comments about who will teach a lesson to whom, Allah Pakistan ko salaamat rakhe Amen.

    It seems to me that you have pretty good hold on Pakistanís history, so perhaps you wanna explain this:

    >> Then again in 71, but this time our so called "brothers: in East Pakistan betrayed us and joined India against the war against Pakistan. <<

    Iím only interested in the word íbetrayedí. During the 1965 war, which youíve mentioned in your post, these traitors fought on Lahore borders, and got the laqb Bengal tigers, now from that to traitors, why did they do that?
    Let me give you an example say I was your twin sister, and Iíd do anything for you, then why would I all of a sudden start hating you, and join someone who I knew wanted to kill you or me?

    You can answer my question or ignore it, lekin I do not want any offensive comments, thanks.


      No Sabah jee, you cant expect offensive comments from me. The only thing I have to say is that didnt our "brothers" refuse to fight when India attacked in 71? Weren't they the ones who took hold of key millitary installations in East Pakistan and refuse to provide the men fighting in the war with supplies.

      I know what happened in the elections was a fault of Yahya Khan, but lets say if you were my twin sister, and if there was dispute that dispute can be resolved internally at home and not involving our known enemy. But I dont blame the Bengalis too, many Indian teachers in 68 onwards crossed borders and started filling the Bengalis years that the people in East Pakistan were there enemies. And time showed who was there friend and who was the enemy...

      I just hope Sabah jee, nothing was offensive, if there was, I apologize and let me know, but this is how I feel, and I didnt mean to say anything offensive in my prior posts too. These are just facts which I am stating as many friends of ours here are not informed.


        Sooo what if there is Fourth war, its not like you gonna die or something.


        Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


          I said that cuz the last thing I want to hear is someone telling me that Iím a non-resident Pakistani who donít care for the country, plus to avoid personal attacks.

          Ok back to the topic, I understand your views, lekin what I want you to tell me is why didnít we solve our internal problems? If Gen. Yahya couldnít why didnít Bhutto or Mujeeb solve the problem, they were representing two of the main parties? Bengal is the place from were the whole Pakistan movement started, they scarified just a much as any other Pakistani did during the partition and even after partition. What did WE do wrong? If you were my brother and you saw me sinking, how would you stop me? By beating be up? Or would you help me understand the problem and solve if not all then at least some of the problems?

          How could they help Pakistan when the India army came to írescueí them from us? The question could also be why did we put them in that situation? Yes there were more mukti bahini (or India agents) involved then Bengalis, lekin they had local support? And how do you get that?


            Jawaan Saheb, I was shocked at your reply and I dont know what to write back. War is not a joke. And let me tell you if there is ever was a war I would be the first one to head towards the war front. Die while protecting my country, what else can I want?

            And as for Saah jee, I have to head to class so Insha Allah I will reply to your post later. As far as the NR thing is concerned I seriously did not want to offend you, the only thing which bothers me is the attitude of Pakistanis living abroad and always having the attitude as we in Urdu " Harr waqt Pakistan main keeray nikaltay rehna". I just wanted to imply that its very easy to say that Pakistan should improve itself but no one does something about it. But once again if you found that offensive I apologize.



              I'm not really sure why you posted this here.

              After reading some of the still seems more appropriate for Politics.

              It has been moved..please respond there.