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    Need Some Help Please..

    As Salaamualikum All;

    I am on H1 and I shall be heading back to Pakistan shortly. I was told by one of my friends, that I can get my social security and medicare taxes back, as I will not be living in this country.. Is this TRUE? and if it is, Can any one please suggest me How? I did call the local tax office but they had no IDEA what I was talking about..As a matter of fact, they did not even know about H1 or NR taxations.


    Basit sahib..adab
    If you were working on hi visa,at the end of the year file your tax,and if the FED owes you anything they will send you the check,but if you owe them anything you send the check to them.
    Social security.. have to be 65 yrs to collect SS.they just dont write a check and give it to you,if khuda na khasta anything happens to you and you become invalid,on that ground they will give you otherwise no.
    Medicare..nothing i refunded...if you are old and need medical from the government they use that money for you and will add more to it,but nothing cash is given out,hope i have answered all your question,but i will suggest that you get more information on this subjects..may be i am wrong..but i think I am not giving you wrong information.YES this is from my dilse...

    dil..dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na

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      I think Basit was refering to getting his contribution back from the gov't since he's not a resident. You're talking about actually claiming the benefits.


      I recommend you talk to a tax advisor on this one. There might be some legal complications to this. I will ask some friends who have worked on H1. My guess is that you have to pay taxes, but then again, I am not too familiar with this process.


        Dilse thankyou very much for your response but like Ghalib said, I am alluding to getting my TAXES refunded back to me. I don't plan to live in US, therefore being here til 65 year or so is out of question..

        Ghalib, I had called the local tax officers but they had no idea, I think I will have to call the IRS on this.

        THANX all


          hey...yo...Walaikum Assalam

          Your off to pakistan? already? and for good too? wow! well..Good Luck! and (an early mubaarak! since i never got an invitation)

          hey..don't forget...we might bump into one another in a hospital somewhere in pak one day...? see ya then.

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