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Solicitations and Advertisements on GupShup

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    Solicitations and Advertisements on GupShup

    Pak.Org is providing this medium for our loyal visitors and new comers for healthy collaborations and discussions on various matters as outlined in the introduction of each forum. Nowhere did we say that we allow or approve the shameless solicitations and false advertisements. As a registered member, everybody has been told in our registration agreement that “advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate in this GUPSHUP Forum”.

    We would like to reiterate the above and ask everyone to refrain from posting web site advertisements here. We have a web directory where one can register a website, if one so wishes. (

    And there is no martial law here. Moderators run these forums and 100% of them are regular visitors like yourself.

    Lets keep these forums clean. Your cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Azkar Choudhry
    President, Pak.Org


    *our loyal visitors *
    Tusi gal ta dadi chagi kiti ay ... ye teray loyal visitors ye teray purasrar moderators.





        so how come mine was deleted and was only locked .. com'on dude, be fair about it ... delet'em both.

        I find it interesting that one ad has been sitting here for several days and not deleted and soon as my post appears it does get deleted ??

        I highly recommend deleting that other thread ... just to win me over, ofcourse.

        ps: at least in my last post (that I happen to have saved), I recommended that you guys should stop allowing commercial advertisement.

        [This message has been edited by devuchka (edited February 10, 2000).]



          the other post had a lesson for the poster. he/she will feel the pain.

          no hard feelings guys.



            No dude, thats not cool. And you know it - the smilie won't cut it.

            Prove that you're fair on this one .... you wouldn't wanna hurt my feelings or have me take this personally, now would you ??

            Especially after you've left that post up for so many days - and whacked mine out. I think it'd be a nice gesture to take it off (plus no one is reading right now, so go do it).

            ps: and no, i'm here more for gags than to steal the kids away.

            [This message has been edited by devuchka (edited February 11, 2000).]



              meray masoom shaitan..uchakay hum azawaz ho ke

              appnay ghar ko "pak" rakho "Chowk" bazar ko muaaf rakho.

              sub bazar jatay .. laikin sub bazari nahi hotay.


                Prove that you're fair on this one
                first. I don’t have to prove anything to you. Consider this a blessing that you are still allowed on these forums. And smilies do cut the world, my friend. Try to put one on your face and see the world glow.

                second. read my post above and it will tell you why we have left the other post intact.

                ps: and no, i'm here more for gags than to steal the kids away
                pheww!! we are so very relaxed. Thanks for sparing our 'kids'. We are forever indebted to you Mr. devuchka. How could one thank you for such a great act of kindness?