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    For Lahoris Only

    What happened with you guys, no posting to defend Lahore. I saw couple of enteries just saying how great Lahore is but none of you tried to prove it. I have two issues I want to ask Lahoris.

    1. Now lets see, why somebody would buy a green three piece suit from LANDA BAAZAR and wear it with with Yellow Shirt and Purple Tie. And than ride a bicycle while CHUPPING Ganna (sugar Cane) or eating Mulli.

    2. I think they should put a band on DHOTI, specially if you are driving a motor cycle, you should not be allowed to wear a Dhoti. Bad vary Bad, not a good picture.

    I still like Lahore, but

    Karachi Dey Gul Haur Aey

    Please respond in arts and culture