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    OFTEN WONDER WHY........

    Often wonder why people back home are so rude and pugilistic: taxi drivers, fruit peddlars, vendors, cops, your own relatives....!

    The reason shouldn't surprise you - It's high blood pressure or hypertension. This is serious because the report is released at a time when the government spendings on health, education is at a low as demand from military takes precedence.

    Even if the average person was made aware of this threat to his health, there is not much that can be done 'cause the help is simply not there.

    This silent killer is not confined to the locals only; the Pakistani population in North America has one of the highest incidences of coronary heart diseases and high blood pressure.

    DAWN: Growing hypertension exposing people to complications!

    KARACHI, Jan 29: Hypertension has emerged as a most potent health hazard to the locals increasing at a pace of two percent every year, experts opined at a medical seminar jointly organised by Pakistan Society of Physicians, Pakistan Cardiac Society, Pakistan Medical Association and Pakistan Association of Dermatologists here Saturday.

    Director, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Dr. Azhar Masood A Faruqui, in his presentation "Hypertension: Its Prevalence in Pakistan and Associated Risk Factors" , referring to recent figures of 12 million hypertensives in the country, said this has turned high blood pressure the single most chronic health problem in Pakistan as well as the entire world.

    Hypertension is major cause of morbidity and second commonest cause of morbidity in most developing countries, the speaker warned.

    Citing Pakistan Medical and Research Council survey, he said 17.9 per cent of the population above the age of 15 suffers from hypertension, while one in three persons above the age of 45 is hypertensive.

    The senior cardiologist mentioned that most of the locals are unconscious of being inflicted with hypertension or even high blood pressure and are taken aback finding themselves struck with heart attack or relevant cardiac ailments.

    "More than two thirds of Pakistani patients are not aware that they are suffering from hypertension," Dr. Faruqui said, adding less than 50 per cent of all Pakistani hypertensives have adequately controlled blood pressure.

    He also explicitly discussed cardiovascular disease as a manifestation of hypertension. According to the doctor, cardiovascular causes are a major contributor to mortality in Pakistan.

    Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos's prophesy has come true; he said:
    "We will eat grass but we'll get the Islamic bomb."

    We are depressed, suffer from hypertension, die early - maybe, it's the grass in our diet!


      Gareeb bandey ko 2 wakat ki rooti mushkil se milti hia to wo angry nahi ho ga to aur keya ho ga...? TOO MUCH SALT IN DIET LEADS TO high blood pressure or is it low blood pressure well its either one of them.


      Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***