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An experience with Pakistani Consulate in NYC

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    An experience with Pakistani Consulate in NYC

    The other thread on PIA reminded me of this.

    Back in 1997, I needed to go back to Pakistan and my passport needed to be renewed. I could not go to NYC personally due to school and work so I printed out the form from Pakistani Consulate web site and sent it along with money order and the expired passport to PC.

    Days passed by and I did not receive my renewed passport. So I called the consulate to inquire the status. A Pakistani clerk there picked up the phone, replied Wa'slaam very politely to Salaam and listened to my inquiry patiently. He checked his register and told me that they had received my package and the paper work was done on their end so there may be some delay in their mailing department. We were talking in Urdu all this time. He asked me to hold and forward my call to the mail room in PC. I thanked him and waited.

    Upon connection, the mail room incharge picked up the phone. This time, I did not receive a Wa'Salaam. I simply received 'what do you want?' in English in heavy, Pakistani accent (nothing wrong with that until what happened next).

    I started stating my inquiry. She inturrepted me harshly and asked when did I send the package. I started speaking again, and she barked right in the middle, interrupting me again and saying 'Speak in English'.

    Wow, I was silent for few moments. Her rude behaviour, ill manners, and complete incompetency to talk politely did not bother me as much as her sentence 'Speak in English'.

    Here I was calling the consulate of my home country, speaking the national language and I was told that I cannot communicate in the official language of the very country that the consulate represents?

    Few days later, I got my renewed passport back in the mail. As I had the intentions initially, I completely let go of the urges to call her back and saying "Thank you so much, I got my passport in the mail... and BTW, you are a f****** b****".

    Considering her attitude, I thought she might even take the expression rather complimetarily.

    I had rather rude service from Pakistani Consulate a while back. I need to get a visa to go to Pakistan and these guys were extremely rude and bounced me around the departments.

    I decided to not waste my time on these guys and get my visa from London instead. Which I did for every trip from then.

    In 1998 when myself and the wifey were planning to go to Pakistan we were going to be in London only over the weekend and decided to get visas here so we can enjoy our time in London more.

    I called the consulate and an extremely polite gentleman answered the phone. He told me to send the passports and the money orders by express mail and to include an express return envelope so it can be returned to me quickly. I was not sure if this was for real..and I kept asking him questions. He replied, janab, we have made some changes here, aap fikr na karain, balkay write my name on the package so I get it and take care of it.

    I sent it by express mail and the third day I had it back..they stamped it and all the same day they got it and sent it back.

    What a pleasant surprise...No one believed me though.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Roman Yar, the only way to institute changes is to voice our concerns. There is no one stopping you to write to the Counsel General him/herself, or even the Ambassador, and cc your letter to any reputable Pakistani Newspaper. Things do change. I had a similar experience with telephone dept in Lahore, and after a few phone calls and a letter to the Editor made things a bit easier. It is your moral responsibility to let your experiences and concerns be known to authorities. You will be doing a favor to the coming generations.

      Fraudia Yar, if you have positives experiences, you should let the responsible people know about that as well. Sometimes, these poor clerical people deal with a lot of nuts and their behavior becomes tumultuous towards everyone (not that there is an excuse for that). Telling their superiors about the good job they do makes things even more pleasant.

      I have never had any negative experience with Pakistani Consulate in New York. I go there to get visas (now they have multiple 5 year visas, so it is much better) and I have always been treated with professionalism and respect that everyone deserves.


        I've heard stories of terrible service at the consulate but my experiences there have been quiet good. The folks I called actually listened and the visa service section has been very professional. I've renewed my passport a few times there and the guys there have been quiet helpful.

        Though the reception lady has been sorta rude...


          Roman...My experiences with the Pak consulate havent been very pleasant either, but could it be that the woman you talked to in the mail department wasnt Pakistani and hence didnt speak urdu? Could perhaps have been a latina or a bangladeshi. Just being devils advocate.


            NYAhmadi, you are right. And I did write a letter, just could not post it as I got too busy (not an excuse, I know).


            No, she was Pakistani. Actually I spoke to her twice, once when I sent the packet to make sure they had received it. She talked in Urdu for couple of sentences and then switched to English, which I naturally followed. And she wasn't as rude the first time (but not polite either).

            Like Fraudia said, I think it's a great service that they accept your passport etc, renew it and send it back to you. I don't have anything personally against the consulate, and I can take rudeness to certain extent, but what really pissed me off was her 'Speak in English' attitude. I think it was a great disrespect to the national language and what that consulate stands for.

            I personally may not be a great patriot person but certain things I do take very seriously, and this happened to be one of them.


              It reminds me of pakistan...and how the "lines" are back organization!


              Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***