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New York City – A Heaven on Earth

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    New York City – A Heaven on Earth

    I was prompted to write something about NYC, as my dear friend Mohabbat (more like Nafrat) who thinks that London is a better place to live, and sadly, most people agree with him. All these people will burn in hell.

    People like NY for various reason and hate it even for more reasons than that. I will tell you how I came here, and what made me like this place so much. Before that, a couple of famous quotes about NYC:

    In Americas toughest city, even Mother Teresa tries to get a little edge - Time magazine

    90% of people walking along the street in Manhattan would e interviewed in any other town, and the other 10% would be arrested. - Calvin Triffin

    It has got a lot weirder since then NYAhmadi

    It is my fascination to the absurd, preposterous and dangerous that makes this city so attractive to me. Some 10 years ago, on a TWA plane I landed at JFK. My wife was to join me a week later, after I had found a place for us to start our new life. I arrived in the middle of the night, and the arrivals terminal was populated by every sort of tout: hotel agents, cabbies, all there. Cabbies demanded 50 dollars for a ride to the city. With not enough money to afford that, I opted for a bus link to the nearest subway station to go train and go to the Upper East Side, where I had a friend. To arrive in Manhattan at night is to be confronted by a dramatic and glittering skyline reaching to the heavens, home to the richest city in the world. At 2am the subway is dormitory to the homeless. I bought my token from a clerk sitting behind a bullet proof booth. Smart NYC Subway riders, I was told, carry two guns, in case one is stolen. At Queens Plaza where I had to change the train, there were Guardian Angles (a Vigilante group noted for their adept use of the Martial Arts). Whereas JFK had been lacking in bilingual signs, the Subway ads were more often than not in Spanish. I surveyed the help-line telephone numbers for Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Children, and the Disabled. Food and Hunger hotline, the Alcohol-Drug hotline. Women, foreigners, Coalition for the Homeless. Board certified surgeons, and same day Hernia surgery Just the kind of place, I always wanted to live in.

    20 minutes later the train still hadnt moved. Over the cracking PA system our driver informed us that a man had committed suicide by jumping into the path of the train in front of us. As Driver passed through our carriage, I asked, what happened? He says I guess some people prefer to go by train.

    At around 4 am I finally arrived at my friends apartment building. I spent a couple of hours with the doorman, and waited until 6 to ring the buzzer.

    As time has gone by, I have seen many sides of this beautiful city. The rich side, the homeless side, the criminal and the sane side. All of these sides have an appeal for me. I am fascinated by the stories of the early immigrants, the early financiers, the merchants, the sick and the lonely. This city has never turned anyone back that has set foot here. Even today, with increasing hostility towards immigration, NYC municipal Government is the only entity in the USA that has same civil rights for undocumented (illegal) aliens.

    It will get very long here if I started writing down everything that I have experienced here and have seen. Just to give you a quick idea, it is not the theater, the music, the money, the good life that makes this city attractive to me. It is its poor neighborhoods, the broken infrastructure, the homeless, the HIV positives, that makes this city so attractive to me. I volunteer with homeless and drug addicts, and I see the forces of change that makes one optimistic about the future (such forces are not found in many places). A future where everyone lives in peace.

    All my life, I've wanted to visit NewYork. the big apple as they put it.

    Every TV show I've ever loved is based in NewYork. Friends, Mad About You, Sienfled, Law&Order,,,

    NYC rules.


      And don't forget David Letterman, although Leno is better.



        you forgot to mention the "eau di kaloo's Piss" that is also a newyork trademark
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          i dont know how can u even like a big city. where u have to wait inline to get into a good restaurant, and wait on the road and hear all the swearing all while u just driving by, and wait while u check out ur groceries.

          there is nothing like living in the good'old country. u dont have to wait in restaurants cos they aint got many and people eat at home...... u dont get honked at the lights cos they havent got many of those eithery... except maybe for one at the intersection they call downtown for somereason. and u definitely dont have to wait at the grocery store cos the person at the checkout knows ur name and address and will bring them to ur house if he is busy.

          and there is nothing like the sight of a country girl blushing... white to pink and pink to red.... in 3 seconds. is a sight u can never see in the hispanic dancers at ur clubs in ny and la.

          -country boy

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            I spent few months in NYC in 1988 than I ran out of $5 bills and I came back. I am sure NYA will know what I meant by $5 bill.


              Forget NYC, I know a better cosmopolitan place:




                not only are there all types of people in the streets of indianapolis, but also al sorts of farm animals as well.

                NY I think he won..
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  NY, just been there once for a month

                  No Peace there buddy crimes

                  but not to bad . enjoyed it there
                  Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu

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                  "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


                    Capital of the WORLD(s) as i say it...and its the greatest city on earth i love it...


                    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                      NYA & Jawaan:

                      Ever taken the 'A' train up and down Manhattan?? Do that and you'll change your mind about Manhattan (NYC)


                        I know, I once traveled during the rush hours. Maaaannn the was not a good experience. I had a 6' +++ women was standing in front of me and let me tell you I am not a tall person. I had tough time breathing. Now. don't ask me why!!!


                          Dear Antidote,

                          I will never change my mind about NYC. The A train actually can be an educational experience. It is a very famous West-Side Line of the NYC Transit. Many songs have been written about the A train, most famous of all Take the A Train sung by all classical Jazz singers, including Billie Holiday, Dizzi Gallispe, and the father of jazz (and the original composer of the "A Train") Duke Ellington. Last summer on Dukes 100 birthday, Wynton Marsalis took the A train and played his trumpet to celebrate Take the A Train.

                          Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong, among many other great artists took the A Train. Here is a little something for you to think about:

                          If you would Take the A Train,
                          Yll find it the Quickest way to go to Harlem
                          When you, you Take the A Train
                          Yll find it, the way you wanno do

                          O baba boba baba du be do, do be da
                          Odo baba dobee dabba, do baba do baba ba be ba
                          If you, you take the A Train..

                          It is so ironic that the things people dont like about New York City are actually the things that I find very attractive. I think all you guys are spoiled and you want your comforts and luxuries. If you cant appreciate a ride on the A Train, my advise for you will be to stay away from NYC as far as you possibly can.

                          I LOVE the A Train.

                          Anyone else who doesnt like things about New York, let me know and I will try to change your mind.


                            since i cant come to NYC right now. can you please send the A train over?
                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                              Oye, Kabhi KuNwaN bhi Piyasay kay pass Giya ha?

                              You want NYC, you come here, like generations before you did. No concessions for anyone. San Diego still stinks. I think the only attraction about San Diego is that it is closer to TeeJay. Thats why I would go there, never to stay in that stupid place.