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    Of Snow and Wood

    Does anyone know a good snowboarding spot in the toronto/hamilton vicinity? No chalets and all that hoopla necessary, just a decent spot to stock your stuff and hit the slopes.

    All the ones I've inquired (including BMount) are all...ughh..some sort of get-together places where alcohol consumption precedes and is followed by...well almost everything!

    Come on! There's got to be SOME decent place out there!!


    Elmo, try these sites. hope they help.

    i made a million sellin' secret fantasies


      don't know elmos

      but went sking for the first time today!! What fun!!!

      and my friend went snowboarding for his 3rd...heheh and says it is much harder than sking...what do you think?


        I've heard lakeridge is good and so is mount saint louie moon stone

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          awwwww, Thanx a bunch you guys!!
          and kohal, those links provided an errm.."mountain" of information, Thx!

          I'll prolly end up going to lakeridge, they have one vewwy, VEWWY steep turning there! That's worth almost the whole trip!!

          That's true kash, snowboarding is a bit harder than it looks, but only in the beginning. I've never skiied so I can't compare. Once you get the hang of it, its quite ez, and more fun than a warm chaii on a winter's night. Course, you have to be prepared to fall A LOT, but hey, falling in snow is a woopdy-doo experience by itself.


            No, why don't u come over to Europe.
            Just got back from a trip to Winterberg in Germany. Planning to Val Thorens in France in a few weeks. Prob. the best location in Eurpe.
            KG : Sking takes more time to learn and is harder to do. (But..... i never did snowboarding)

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              Sking is hard.. but my friend already knows how to ski and he found snowboarding more difficult...but

              I guess anything new is difficult...

              and I am sooo sore..I guess falling as a means to stop is not the best thing.


                I think skiing is more physically challenging than snowboardin'. Art of skiing gives freedom to discover backcountry, and could be done on extremely steep slopes. while snowboarding is limited to average grades of steepness. .
                nothing gets my adrenaline goin' more than takin' a backccountry and ice-climbing trip in Garabaldi provincial park near Vancouver,.. and then there's Whistler Blackcomb, and Cypress , and list goes on and
                on... I am a ski junkie.. don't mind boarding once a while..


                  KG Gee, sking compared to snowboarding is harder to. It'takes a lot more time to learn to ski then snowboarding. But my info is also from a friend who teaches both.
                  Where did u go for sking, and did u take lessons. Last week i went to Winterberg in Germany. It was my second time, and i liked it very much.
                  Can anybody tell me bout ski resorts in the us. (Colorado, Aspen etc. etc)



                    It was my first time and just did it a ski resort near the midwest.

                    However, I'm going to continue and some day god willing go to aspen..or try the bavarian alps.


                      Kash ..did ya go to West Virgina?
                      anyways..try Poconos in PA next time, some decent slopes there too.

                      I am not an avid fan of got boring after a bit.

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                        point a little arrow and the net world will know where i live..heheheh

                        No was going to go to snowtrails but tried mad river mountain instead....
                        Have you been to either? snow trails was closer to you...

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                          pathwari...trotting in europe is numero almost-uno on my list of things to be done(Inshallah) in the not-so-distant future, as soon as me gets the time. I've been to Lens, & France didn't really strike me as an "icesport" spot, but I guess there must be some mounts out there. How about that famous mount whatsitsname in norway? I've heard n' read a lot about that place.

                          kash...falling as a means to stop is one of the last things you should be doing! And even if u have to, fall sideways, never head-on, lest risking serious injury to your kneecap area. Unless you're going downhill and there's no other alterntv. On horiz or semi-horiz ground, you should brake by means of your 'hinge' or position your sticks diagonallly.

                          outlaw...Skiing is definitely more challenging but snowboarding does have its own thrills, not to mention all the dynamics n' combos that can be created through creativity. ahhh, Whistler and ice-climbing, you've cerainly experienced the booga AND the wooga! kewl indeed.

                          Actually, I learnt to slip n' slide by rolling down sand dunes in the middle east. It wasn't a big thing there, but later they brought up some clubs, Al-Shirawi in Dubai and Al-Nassr in Jeddah.

                          Believe me, if you've learnt to slide by taking wheels off a skateboard, smoothening the surface and wooshing down sand dunes, snow is a piece of jelly-doughnut to manouver on. the good ol' days *sigh*

                          maybe kash and anbody else falling on their posteriors in snow, should start snowboarding by hopping on some dunes first. It really helps


                            Elm, I've heard really cool stuf about sand-boarding esepecially , in Dubai... I'ld like to try it in near future..


                              Elmo and pathwari

                              I did take a lesson..and I just can't wedge my skis well enough to slow myself down let alone stop. The last time I went down I worked on going right and left to slow down the speed of decent...but sometimes whne you're going really really fast...falling onto my butt was a really good alternative to smashing into a tree.

                              And actually that was what my instructor said we should do..instead of forward onto our faces...side and back falls..well actually he said wedge and get those legs wider...but is Difficult.