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Abortion/When life occurs

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    Abortion/When life occurs

    Can anyone tell me when (according to Islam) does life occur and if its okay to have an abortion under certain circumstances, ie rape etc. or is abortion totally haram, as is my understanding? If you had an abortion would you go to hell automatically? Your views on this subject would be much appreciated as it would clear some things up for me, especially those who live in the west where they are more easy to obtain, what do you guys think?


    My knowledge about this subject is very limited, but I know that according to Islam, Abortion is only allowed when there is a danger (of death) to life of mother.


      Well Humera jee..this is very wide topic. I read some articles about this. Najam has also mentioned about is totally "Haram".
      Well..Islam permits preventing pregnancy for valid reasons, it does not allow doing violence to the pregnancy once it occurs.
      Muslim jurists agree unanimously that after the foetus is completely formed and has been given a soul, aborting it is haram. It is also a crime, the commission of which is prohibited to the Muslim because it constitutes an offense against a complete, live human being. Jurists insist that the payment of blood money (diya) becomes incumbent if the baby was aborted alive and then died, while a fine of lesser amount is to be paid if it was aborted dead.

      However, there is one exceptional situation. If, say the jurists, after the baby is completely formed, it is reliably esthat the continuation of the pregnancy would necessarily result in the death of the mother, then, in accordance with the general principle of the Shari'ah, that of choosing the lesser of two evils, abortion must be performed. For the mother is the origin of the foetus; moreover, she is established in life, with duties and responsibilities, and she is also a pillar of the family. It would not be possible to sacrifice her life for the life of a feotus which has not yet acquired a
      personality and which has no responsibilities or obligations to fulfill. (Al-Fatawa by
      Shaikh Shaltut)

      Imam al-Ghazzali makes a clear distinction between contraception and abortion, saying, Contraception is not like abortion. Abortion is a crime against an existing being. Now, existence has stages. The first stages of existence are the settling of the semen in the womb and its mixing with the secretions of the woman. It is then ready to receive life. Disturbing it is a crime. When it develops further and becomes a lump, aborting it is a greater crime. When it acquires a soul and its creation is completed, the crime becomes more grievous. The crime reaches a maximum seriousness when it is committed after it (the foetus) is separated (from the mother) alive. (AI-Ihya, book of "Al-Nikah" (Marriage), p. 74.)

      So thats all refferences I got. I think, you must have some idea now. However, I will try to give you much detail, depends on your circumstances.

      c ya
      Allah Hafiz
      It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


        Peace and blessing be on you..

        Dear friends (and foes..) finally I got a chance to express my views on one of the ailments of this modern society.

        Abortion/miscarriage is a general term, which means termination of pregnancy before the fetus is sufficiently developed to survive. Usually before the end of 20th week. (if the fetus has some chance to survival but pregnancy is terminated before term, referred to as pre-term or premature delivery). Usually abortion is performed when there is a threat of life either to the mother or the child.

        And your Question when does life occur according to Islam, I am not sure, but medically
        - the fertilization occurs 12-24 hrs after ovulation in the tube
        -it travel’s through the uterine tube and enters the uterus on third day
        -at about 6th day, the fertilized egg is implanted in the walls of uterus.
        -the primitive form of heart forms and starts pulsating at about 8th day and that’s to me is the first sign of life.

        Thats all for the embryology lesson, now lets see what the topic is about...

        Before I should say anything about the subject matter, I would like to present some horrifying facts about western life, which are influencing and manipulate our generation too and we should realize these truths so as to safeguard ourselves, otherwise the consequences will be grave.

        - nearly 75% of all unmarried females had sex by 19 (80% of males).
        - 30% of women have had sex by age 15, almost all of these were forced or compelled.
        - Average age of first sexual experience for women, age 16.
        - One out of five teenagers have a STD.
        - 50% of all un-wed mothers are in teens. Out of this the half have a child and the rest end up in abortion.
        - 33% of girls 15-19 have at least one unwanted pregnancy.

        Consequences of teen-age pregnancy:
        For Mothers - leading cause of school drop out, many never work, they become welfare dependent. Higher risk of obstetric complications.
        For child - neonatal death and prematurity is common, possible lower level of intellectual functioning, problems of single family - increased risk of delinquency, suicide.

        Sexually abused women are more likely to:
        - have more sex partners.
        - 3-4 times more learning disabilities.
        - have pelvic pain and inflammation 2x
        - 40% overweight

        In 1972, the year before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand, there were 184 abortions per 1,000 live births in the United States; however, by 1983, there were 419 abortions per 1,000 live births.
        After Roe.v.Wade took effect, 216,000 married women and 528,000 unmarried women procured abortions. By 1983, the figures had risen to 283,000 married women and 1,232,000 unmarried women.

        Moreover, statistics reveal a nexus between the pro-abortion or anti-life mentality and an increase in child abuse. Supporters of Roe v.Wade said legalized abortion would reduce the incidents of child abuse by reducing the number of unwanted children; but the statistics clearly demonstrate that the reverse is true.

        In 1978, there were 606,600 reported cases of child abuse, but by 1984, the figures had almost doubled to 1,131,300 cases. Furthermore, the ratio of child abuse cases per 1,000 population increased from 2.7 (in 1978) to 4.8 (in 1984).

        Abortion on demand is the killing of innocent unborn babies; it scorns the sacramental nature of sex, marriage, family and human life. Unhappily the pro-abortion or anti-life mentality, which subordinates the right of life of unborn babies to personal, social and economic convenience, pervades our society.

        One explanation for the pro-abortion mentality is that we live in an increasingly utilitarian society: Everything, it seems, has become easily disposable and easily replaced: Cars, cans, bottles, furniture, books, appliances. Unhappily the attitude that everything is easily disposable and easily replaced has come to permeate even our thinking and conversation regarding the abortion issue. For many, human lives have also become disposable.

        This emphasis on utility goes hand in hand with a lifestyle that reduces moral choices to economic choices. Since it is cheaper to procure an abortion than to rear a child, many would rather kill an innocent unborn baby than accept an economic burden. Many would rather have a new swimming pool or fur coat or trip to Hawaii than a new baby.

        Even more basic explanations for abortion are selfishness and a lack of a sense of moral responsibility. For many, sex - instead of being the communion of life and love within the sacrament of marriage - is simply a plaything or a tool to enhance one's popularity or alleviate one's doubts about one's masculinity or femininity.

        Many crave sexual freedom but do not want to accept responsibility for their deeds. Abortion then becomes a quick, cheap, selfish and convenient solution to an embarrassing pregnancy, and what results is the destruction of innocent unborn human beings.

        On the killing of human life the Holy Quran states:

        Do not destroy a life that Allah has declared sacred except for just cause. (25:69)

        Consequently, for the sake of our social, moral and spiritual well-being we must adopt a philosophy of life and man that acknowledges God-given rights and corresponding duties, affirms the intrinsic moral worth and dignity of human beings including handicapped, elderly and unborn human beings and upholds the sacredness of sex, marriage, family and human life.


        thats all for now.. I appologize for the lengthy reply...

        xalim ::::: [email protected]

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        zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


          Dear Humera,

          I can’t tell you what the Islamic stance is on abortion, but I am prompted to write some thing here in light of the above replies.

          First and far most, I support a woman’s right to determine what she believes is right for her (doesn’t mean necessarily in favor of abortion). If she believes that the new life that she will bring into this world will cause pain and suffering to both her and her child, and she opts for an abortion, I support her.

          Secondly, as the above reply places so much moral reproach to this rather a matter of personal choice, and the views that abortion is somehow a result of contemporary attitudes towards sex. It is totally false. In Sweden, for example, girls are sexually active much before than they are in the US, (usually by the age 14), and teen-age pregnancy in Sweden is literally non-existent. The problem is much deeper than that. To address this, the sex education should be given at an early stage and schools should distribute free condoms and other pregnancy prevention drugs, etc.

          Thirdly, the right and conservative wing in this country (USA) uses spiritual and religious generalship to sensationalize this debate. More often than not, it is a bunch of “white haired old men” talking about what teenage “women” should do with their bodies. They have no right to impose their views on anyone.

          Lastly, there is no sight as sorrowful as to see an unwanted child.


            Perhaps the religion forum might be better but I will ask it here anyway. I always thought that abortion was HARAM period (according to islam). But it seems from the above posts that abortion done in the early stages is considered less sinful? and not so extreme as abortion done later? is it not conisidered destroying life anyway? and murder with its islamic punishment and consequences? I didnt think there were less severe and more severe stages to this, any islamic scholar want to shed some light on this with references?


              I've been reading your posts in different discussions, so just out of curiosity.
              Are you Muslim?



                [QUOTE]Originally posted by Shafiq:
                Abortion is a crime against an existing being. Now, existence has stages. The first stages of existence are the settling of the semen in the womb and its mixing with the secretions of the woman. It is then ready to receive life. Disturbing it is a crime.

                So does that mean using the morning after pill is okay or not? Is that considered disturbing it?



                  Salam, thanks to all, you have shed some light about abortions and Islam.


                    Interesting topic and good responses.

                    HOwever the topic is more appropriate for Religion forum...please reply there


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