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Most multilingual city in the world

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    Most multilingual city in the world

    London Passes New York as Most Multi-Lingual City, AFP Says /Jan 22 2000 10:10AM

    London:London has overtaken New York to become the world's most multilingual metropolis, boasting 307 spoken languages, including 100 African dialects, Agence France- Presse said, citing a University of Westminster study. Just two- thirds of London's 850,000 school pupils speak English at home, while in the City of London district, 56.4 percent of the students speak Bengali, the AFP reported. After English, the U.K. capital's most widely spoken languages are all from the Indian sub-continent and include Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu, the AFP said.

    London is also home to the world's most expensive office space, followed by Hong Kong, Moscow and midtown Manhattan.

    Keep your ugly queen and stupid torries, London will never be able to offer what New York does. Don’t get me started, but how many Ethiopian or Micronesian restaurants are in London? Is there a Mongolian Kitchen in London? The Russian Tea House? Get out of my face, my Ass speaks more languages than spoken in London. Compare London to some village in mid west America, and not with New York. And apologize for posting this post.


      NY ahmadi

      I agree. London does compare to some village in mid west america in term of violent crimes

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Fraudia Yar, I lived in London for 6 years, undergrad and grad school, and I know London like the back of my hand. I can tell you that it’s a nice place and all, but please, for god sakes, lets now compare it to New York City, the center of the world. (let’s stick to the topic, we are not discussing crime here!!)


          Well, as far as this news is concerned its true, I have heard it on the tele as well. As far as NYC is concerned, I have worked there for a year and the whole year I was praying, when I would go back to London. Its your choice where u want to live and what do u expect from the place you are living. To be honest if I want to live in NYC I can live there whole of my life but I dont want to. I have a full army of friends living in New York they are always asking me to move there but I always say NO, living in NYC is not my choice. I always thought Southall is Hell on Earth but I think Jackson Heights is worst than hell.

          There are two Mangolian kitchens in London, one is in Chiwick and the other one is in Croydon. Rest can be found at

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            Personally I prefer San Diego. Los Angeles
            too bad I am not there.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Having seen and now lived in both's London anyday over NYC.

              I can't imagine living in New York ever! Period.



                boot tuta aiN yar tooN tay.


                  All of you Elizabethan Slaves, you make me very angry by saying London is gooder than New York. You need to ask forgiveness from you respective Gods. This is totally unacceptable. Dear Najim, thank for the tips. Honestly, I couldn’t afford to eat at fancy places anyway, and fish-n-chips suites me just fine. But thanks. Dear Munza, you need some therapy. Dear Fraudia, San Diego sucks. Roman Yar, what can I say? I worship New York.

                  When I lived in London, I lived most of my time there on Portobello road, but I also lived in many other parts of London. I have lived in parts of London where no Pakistani has ever been. After returning from Beijing, where I spent 4 months of my third undergrad year of school, I had no place to stay in London. A friend of mine was going to New Zealand and he was willing to sublet his flat to me. It was Poplar in the East End of London. As I entered the flat I was horrified by what I saw before me. The furniture in the room was floating across the livingroom floor in six inches of water. It was on the ground floor, with an access to little yard in the back, that was filled with all kinds of garbage, frying pans, used condoms, and needles. It was a Council flat. All I had to do was to keep up with the gas and electricity bill, and phone bill. It was not a bad arrangement. I made myself at home. My buddy wished me good luck, “you will need it” when he left. He told me about the young boys who make everyone’s life difficult to “catch one of the *******s and give him a lesson he wouldn’t forget” – it’s the only language they understand”. He left, and I entered which turned out to be the most memorable 6 months that I lived in London.

                  It wasn’t the hustle bustle of the central London, the faces of tourists, the Victorian architecture, and posh department stores that I was drawn to. I loved (despite the fact that I was not welcome in that part of London) staying in the sub-working class neighborhood, where unemployment was 145 percent, and everyone was on dole. I had my living room windows broken a few times, and my small TV stolen. I made a friend in the building, whom I occasionally met to watch TV with. She was cute!!

                  I ventured out and go into a pub, “What will it be?” asked the publican.
                  A glass of Coke, thanks.
                  I thought he was going to choke, shacking his head he said, “Lager or Bitter?” his arm ready to pull a pint. I settled for half a pint of lager. I very rarely drank beer, but I am familiar with the tastes of various European beers, and other good stuff. This is turning out to be a long story.

                  The guys in the Pub gave me all kind of looks, basically, what the **** this Paki is doing in East London? I pretty much gave away after opening my mouth that I was not one of their ordinary Pakis, but a true Paki in every sense of the word, who still needed a lot more molding before he could be considered an English Paki. Anyhow, I started talking with a couple of lads there, and told them about my stay in Beijing. “Must be a pretty cool place, and lots of Chicks?” "Are there any jobs?" "Any dope?" No, to the contrary in fact, I said. I was restricted to staying in Beijing and was not allowed to leave the city boundaries, which pissed me off a lot. I had pleasure of spending a little time with the most beautiful Chinese girl, LuLu, a student at Beijing U, who kept writing to me for a couple of years after I left Beijing.

                  Back to East End, it was an experience for me. I have read so much about poor countries that have been caught in a perpetual cycle of wars and revolutions, bombings and pogroms, earthquakes and famines. East End looked no different than that to me. The graffiti on my outside wall read: “Mary Sucks Cock”…”Don’t Mug Me, Mug a Yuppie”….”Queer is Beautiful”…”Class War”. At night the battle raged between Heavy Metal and Garage music, the intrusion like the penetrating sound of the helicopter gunship hovering overhead.

                  This world was inhabited by people whose faces were so frightened and intimidated that little remained of their dignity, and self-respect was lost in sorrow, anxiety and a siege mentality. The old were trapped in their flats. Single women had the choice of venturing out at night or staying locked in. Local voluntary groups offered tenants advice about securing their homes and warned them to restrict their outings to safe areas and use safe transport.

                  I experienced some racism, which honestly didn’t bother me. I was having the time of my life exploring the neighborhood that most Londoners will never set foot in. They only saw the murders and drug fights on TV. It was the best and most educational part of my stay in London. And I do miss it.

                  Coming back to the comparison of NYC with London. I will tell you my experiences in NYC some other time and how I consider NYC to be the place that I want to call home. As it has been said, it depends what one wants in life. London is good, but it is too Royal for my taste, too monolithic culturally, and too confined and defined. NYC is not like that. Even though it looks like a concrete mountain, but it does have multi-cultural feel to it.


           your answer to my comment is that I need therapy....moving right along.....

                    East London huh? Unfortunately you can't fault anyone but yourself for your choice in residential locale. It's like someone deciding to form their opinion about NYC by living in Harlem. I'll leave you to your opinion since it appears to be based on limited exposure.


                      I am not agree with this post. I was born and raised in Karachi and I think that city probably have more different types of peoples than any place in the world (except NYC). I have seen all every kind of personalities and races in that city. Starting from Chiness to migrated African (Makeranis), Gujratis and Bengalis and Beharis. Punjabis and Sindies also Pathan. ALso had big population from Arab, especially from Lebanon and Syrian and also Iranian. Also have big numbers from fareast counteries like Burma and Philpines. Plus also lots of Goras from Europe, plus lot more. They all speak different languages and still living in that city.
                      That's why they say

                      Lahore Lahore aiy
                      Per Karachi Dey gul hur aiy


                        Dear Munza, my exposure to London has been more than that of an average Londoner. I didn’t form any negative opinion about London . In fact, staying in East End was the best part of staying in London. Talking about Harlem, there is no place like that anywhere in the USA. The only place that might come closer to Harlem in terms of culture and music, is perhaps the French quarter of New Orleans.


                          hmmmm yeah those nudie bars with open doors so you can actually see all the activities going on inside easily...thats culture baaaaaaaby!!!!!

                          Ummmm, I am just saying this cuz I read about it. I never went to New Orleans..

                          Okay okay I did, but it was for a convention..really..
                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            How are New York and London even on the same page? New York City(all 5 boroughs) is just about the same size as whole of england, so i dont think its fair to compare the two. People who dont know new york think of it as manhattan only. There are fantastic neighborhoods in brooklyn, queens, bronx and staten island alike. All london has to boast of is location,(much closer to pakistan), but other than that, new york is the apple of my eye. NYAhmedi...what up



                              please ask your map company for a prompt refund.

                              chorra karain, magar itni lambee na karain.. shukriya :>
                              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.