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    Equity Bill

    Hey everyone,
    I haven't been one for almost a year now. Good to see that Gupshup is still alive
    Most of you have probably heard of the Equity Bill being passed by TDSB and being in that region, I am going to be one of the people affected by it. The equity bill does not have anything to do with racial discrimination, actually it doesn't have anything to do with race. The Bill proposes that teachers are going to teach little kids from kindergarten on that its alright to have a mother and a mother or a father and a father (bisexual parents). I personally believe that is the sickest thing possible to teach a little child. Imagine what kind of adults are they going to grow up to be. Whatz your input ???

    Agreed. Im not gonna go into my views about homosexual relationships, cause as long as the couple keeps it to themselves, its their business. But to bring a child into such a family is ridiculous. Single parents, same sex parents, both are a detriment to society. Absolutely destructive. And to teach that to kids in kindergarten is just plain ridiculous.


      I personally think that it takes away the very essence of a society, the families.

      West has already done enough to put mankind in a abyss with their totally incompetent system called democracy, and now they've taken it a step further. Who knows where they'll go next.

      I mean, they're taking away the very meaning of being a human. And if they play with the human emotions, I don't know where humans will end up...

      Totaly DISGUSTING.


        I have spent some time in SanFrancisco and the general feeling you get is that you are a weirdo if you are straight. More and More rights are being demanded in name of Equality and so called preferred or alternative life style. Teaching children at schools at their tender age is definitely a no no. But they got to know it sooner or later from their envioroment and parents should be first to explain this to them.



          To address the homophobia this country has, it is a good idea to prepare the next generation without so called “morality” baggage. The basic problem is not the education about homosexuality, but the perception/belief of most (e.g. Church) that homosexuality is somehow a choice that gays choose to live their lives by. As has been proven that people don’t choose their sexual orientation, but are born with it. Therefore it is a good idea to teach young kids about different sexual orientations at an early age, before it is too late. It hasn’t been even a year when a young boy was butchered in Colorado, simply because he was gay. Had his killers were not so ignorant, it would have not happened. You read in the paper everyday how difficult the life is for homosexuals in many mid sized, and small towns in the USA. Gays prefer to live in big cities, like NY or SF. No one should make a choice where to live simply because of his or her sexual orientation.


            People are highly suggestive so if obviously deviant practises like homosexuality are encouraged then the chances are that it will increase.

            Rapists are probably genetically more likely to commit rape, same goes for chid abusers or kleptomaniacs so does this mean they don't accept responsibility for their actions?

            Homosexuals are sick people and this sort of behaviour needs to be labelled as such rather than pandering to their pinko whims.


              Dear Mr. Xtreme,

              What makes you think that Homosexuals are sick people? Don’t tell me you use the same source for every information.

              There is still a lot more to be done to provide fair and equitable status to this very deserving group of people. In Central and Western Europe, gays are openly working in many areas; now including the British Army (it was a condition for them to chair EU). Reform movements in Judaism have accepted gay followers, and many gay priests are found in many denominations. I wait for the day, when Muslim Uma is lead in prayers by a gay Molvee. If Islam is religion of compassion and acceptance (as you contend) then it should open the doors for gays.

              Give us some weighty argument why you believe that they are sick. Don’t compare them with child molesters and rapists. Such are sick and deranged behaviors, being gay is not.


                Give us some weighty argument why you believe that they are sick. Don’t compare them with child molesters and rapists. Such are sick and deranged behaviors, being gay is not.
                Well now it comes down to a matter of opinion. In my view sex between two men is pretty sick and that is the view of the silent majority notwithstanding political correctness. Sex between a man and woman is natural and productive. Sex between two men can only be described as perverted. To teach young children that it is ok when they are not old enough to know better is scandalous.

                In Pakistan and India it is generally the same sick types who indulge in homosexual acts that commit the same crime on young boys. In UK the 3 killers of a young paper boy who filmed a snuff movie were all raging pooftas.

                If we are honest very few Pakistanis would want to see their children grow up to be gay or lesbian. Therefore they would not want to see it introduced into the school curriculum. In fact very few people of any nationality would want it despite all the efforts of those misguided people pushing this agenda.


                  I dunn mind homos as long as what they are doing is behind closed doors and not behind my back.

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                    The research that 'proves' that "sexual orientation is somthing that we're naturally born with" is NOT true.

                    Let's think about it for a second.

                    Homosexuality in Islam is haram because Allah swt declares it Haram and pple who do it are punishable.

                    Now, at the same time, we're saying that Allah swt made us homosexual??

                    If that was the case, then this very statement (that sexual orientation is something that is naturally given to us) would prove Allah swt to be unfair.

                    And we know that is not true. Allah swt would not give us something as inherently in us and yet declare it haram and punishable.

                    Lot of research that is done out there is bunch of balony. We have to be careful as to what research we actually believe and what research needs to be 'revisited'.



                      Dear Balya, eating pigs is haram too. Your argument makes no sense.

                      Dear Fraudia: Now imagine if someone made the following statement:

                      “I don’t mind Pakistani Immigrants coming to the USA as long as they don’t live near me”.

                      All they are asking is for is equal opportunity and to fight discrimination that they encounter every day. It is pretty much like the civil rights movement of the 60’s that brought changes to the US attitudes towards minorities. Gays are minority and should be given their rights as everyone else has been given.

                      [This message has been edited by NYAhmadi (edited January 25, 2000).]


                        You missed the entire point here buddy.
                        Eating pigs is not something that is inherent in every human you know. The same, sexual orientation (that we're born homos) is not something inherent in us. We either chose to be that, or we are influenced by the environment.
                        Please think about what I'm saying for a few minutes.....



                          Dear Bayla, if you are living in the 5th century BC, it is not my fault. How can you say that God does not make homosexuals? First of all, existence of God itself is debatable. Secondly, pick up a book on ancient history and you will learn that Homosexuality (a sexual orientation, and not Munday Bazi – that you seem to associate homosexuality with) existed in ancient times. Alexander the Great was a Homosexual, so were many ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc., among them many well known philosophers. It exists in Islamic world as well, but people are too afraid to talk about it for obvious reasons. In India, the society is slowly beginning to discuss this issue in open. You should see the movie “Fire”.

                          One more thing, Homosexuality is not only about sex. It is when a person is attracted to his or her own sex. It is something that you don’t choose, but are born with. Did you choose to be attracted to women? Or were you born to be attracted to opposite sex?


                            Mian Ny ahmadi

                            You did not "get" my comment.
                            I dont care if they are my neighbours, but as long as they do what they do behind closed doors but not behind "MY BACK" i dont care.

                            Read it again mon ami....and use a dirty mind :>
                            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                              Oye Fraudia Yar, why are you getting Naraz my man? OK, I misread what you meant, but still who is not doing it behind “closed doors”, let me know, I will be interested to see.