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    missing in gora land

    are good barbars. these country girls with humongous horns do not know how to cut hair.
    all they do is rub their chests on ur face... swing the machine and off u go. In Pakland, you cherish the time u spend on the naai's chair... the massage u get while he runs his hand through ur head just makes u fall asleep. the foolish and out of the world stories from the naai... and shaving the armpits which they dont provide around here. So you can imagine I hate the money i spend on barbars here.

    i also miss the mechanic from Pakistan... they are experts in welding and fixing things. Here if you have a screw lose on ur muffler they will want to replace the whole thing with the pipe. The Pakistani mechanic will weld the damn thing till there is more welding than the original ****. And after that they crush the thing and put it on the roof to prevent leakings. mechanic here has a pile of degrees and does not know his behind from his elbow.


    Dear Mundyaa,

    That is absolutely right. There is no substitute for a neighborhood “Hamam”, not just the shaving of “KaCHH” (armpit) but also hot bath in the tiny bathrooms with water heated by wood. Kiya Baat Ay? And the conversations that go on between various people taking baths at the same time. My neighborhood had a Hammam with 5 bathrooms. The funniest conversation I ever heard there was this young Molvee telling his friend about the “Prayer before taking bath”. His friend got so furious that he started cursing God, the Prophets, the Religion and saying that how difficult the life is when you are a Muslim. I miss Hammam.

    Welders I am not sure. I think Pakistani welders are not very good. If they weld it right the first time, there will be no need to go back subsequently.

    Mechanics in Pakistan, some are good, and some are not. Some will sell you a refurbished generator for the price of a new one. I think that is cheating. But in terms of their capability, I think they are first class. No doubt about it. It is not rare to see a 1951 Model Vespa scooter running in excellent shape in Lahore.

    Keep listing other things that you miss about Pakistan..


      I remember that in some areas there were these "maalishyaas" in Karachi usually around some akharras. My college team often frequented these places...Tail maalish and cold lassi after a crushing defeat was a comforting relaxing technique and after a victory it was the beginning of celebrations.

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        cheap maalishyee is missing as well..... even though message salons are a good expensive substitute. i remember some of the malishyees had real strong hands it actually hurt in the beginnig but then u get used to it. malshees sat by the bank of a river and it was a long walk through the green fields of our village. but it was worth the effort.

        in food i miss doodh jalebi in the evenings. no matter how hard our moms try they cant come close to the ones they make in the villages of punjab. the milk is red by the time they give it to u.... and it has an aroma that will make u drink it even though u r not a big fan of milk. a big cup with jalebi is what we had after playing cricket all day. i have made many friends to play cricket with here... but i miss the fat guy who would get out on the first ball himself and give advice to other batsmen and yell all day "laate cut kar oaaaaay" "laaaaate cut kar oaaaaay".


          Yup absolutly right...i mean i dont prefer men touching me and me going sleep na not my kinda thingg...but women are not soo good nyc there is a paki barbar shop(i wont name it) it use to be just one man standing there waiting for customers to come in but recently he hired a women paki women that is...and people go there like crazy yes they do rub chest damn just few weeks back he brought a 54 inch TV and whole alot more...NOOOOOOO i dont go there as it is my hair are more important to me than "unfinished pleasure"


          Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


            Ok so may be I'm the only one here who prefers barbers in US over nais in Pakistan. Hey if something is gonna touch my head then it might as well be...

            And taking a bath in Hamam is disgusting in my personal view. I had the chance in two sort of emergency situations and absolutely hated it. And I'm definitely not going to let anybody shave my armpits. The idea itself is quite abhoring.

            Over here, it's quicker, more professional, and polite. If you don't want to continue the conversation with the barber, they sense it and they won't bother you. Back home, you don't have much choice. Many times they don't even listen to you, just babble on.

            I have also noticed that nai back home consider your head a play ground for experiments. No matter how much you emphasize on how you want your hair done, if they personally like Waheed Murad style, then that's what you are gonna get... even if you have curly hair. At least here if barbar screws up, he/she screws up trying on something which you have told him/her.

            Jalaibee and milk, now that's definitely missing here. There is nothing like it especially on a cold winter evening.


              I can't say much about barbers but I definitely agree on the mechanics and jalaaibe and milk!!

              P.S although its not pakisani food, but growing up in the middle east, I really miss 'shawarma's
              the few places that I've seen them here are nowhere near the same standard


                shawarma... with filafil, definitely the thing to eat in mideast esp kuwait. they make it out of camels meat which is missing here. also missing in meat is bateray. nothing like some hunted fried bateray. if u ever go to gujranwala there are some good restaurants that serve roast bateray.

                roman, u must have gotten stuck with a bad nai my friend... if u r serious about who can touch ur hair then do more research and find a professional nai. one who has been doing this for ages, whose father was a nai and grandfather was a nai and who wants to be a nai for life. these guys are pretty serious about what they do and they hardly ever mess up ur hair. about the armpits.... i would rather have a professional take care of this as well. why risk the cuts and bad angles with ur left hand?

                here is critical free advice though, make sure whenever u go for a shave ask ur nai for a new blade unless u dont mind risking one that has been under someones armpit.

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                  I agree with you about the nais in Pakistan. The best shave I ever had was from a place in Lahore. Now that's what I call attention to detail.

                  I am also a bateray fan. Had the salan a few times and though the meat is a bit tricky to part from the bones, the taste is sensational. Nothing matches bateray shorba.