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    Can everyone say a prayer for this girl.

    Police find girl's head in park

    TORONTO (CP) - Police searching a west-end park have found the head of a butchered 5-year-old girl, a day after her father and stepmother were arrested and charged with her murder.

    Homicide detectives and forensic analysts located the child's head this morning.

    ''We're hopeful we'll locate the torso by late this afternoon,'' Const. Devin Kealey said today.

    The girl's arms and legs had been found in a different park last month, prompting a massive search for the rest of her body and her killers.


    Police said they expect to find the torso in the same west-end park where the girl's remains were initially found stuffed into garbage bags.

    Investigators planned on spending most of the day searching.

    The find came as Muhammad Arsal Khan, 36, and his wife, Kaneez Fatima, 45, appeared in court on first-degree murder charges in the killing and dismembering of the girl, now identified as Farah Khan.

    They were remanded in custody until Feb. 4, the day Farah would have turned six.

    The couple appeared calm and showed no overt emotion. They chatted quietly to each other as they waited in the prisoner's box in a packed courtroom.

    Police wouldn't say whether the suspects led detectives to the place where Farah's head was buried but said after the arrests yesterday that they were confident of finding the rest of her body, which had been surgically dismembered.

    The grisly case had stumped police until a chance remark last week from an elementary school teacher to an officer investigating an unrelated incident.

    The teacher had heard about DNA tests that showed the girl was likely of South Asian descent and suggested police look into a former student, whose parents said was going back to Pakistan.

    Investigators matched fingerprints from the girl's school work with those found on her dismembered limbs.

    Farah was last seen at the school Dec. 2, five days before her body parts were found.

    A kindergarten picture of Farah shows her dark hair falling just below her chin, framing her small face. She's dressed in a delicate peach dress.

    Police picked up Khan, a landed immigrant from Pakistan, and Fatima, a Canadian citizen, at a rented home yesterday morning near the park where Farah's arms and legs were found.

    Police also searched a west-end apartment where the couple had lived until the end of last month.

    Farah's limbs were initially discovered in a garbage bag among lakeshore rocks. A woman walking her dog made the gruesome find after spotting a couple trying to hide something.

    Trained dogs led police to two other garbage bags with body parts, but the head and torso eluded a massive search of the park that involved moving huge boulders with heavy equipment.

    Despite a composite sketch of the couple seen at the park and hundreds of tips from the public, police were stymied and Farah remained unidentified until a link was made through the fingerprints on her school work.

    In court Thursday, Khan and Fatima did not appear to resemble the composite closely.

    As more and more muslims becomes integrated into the kufr society, expect a lot more of this.



      YA ALLAH
      I doono What was the innocent's mistake...

      So SAD

      "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


        She didn't do anything, she was only 5 years old, this is a case of physical abuse to the extreme which led to murder. I am only guessing that they probably hit her so hard that she died, then mutilated her,stuffed her in garbage bags and tried to hide those bags in a park and thats how the cops found her.

        And i don't think this is indicative of being in a Western society because these two people were Pakistani, and i assume muslim from their names and abuse happens everywhere regardless of creed, culture, background, country, religion etc.


          It probably is not due to being in the western society, but it's more from having the western mentality or western way of thinking...

          While it is true that murders happen everywhere, but where do you hear parents killing their own children?

          Never in my life have I heard anything similar happening in Pakistan or any other Muslim un-Islamic as our societies are back home, this kind of tragedy never happens.

          If anyone has heard anything similar back home then please do let me know...


            I agree with you to a degree,

            but don't be naive, just because it isn't reported doesn't mean it doesn't happen,


              Baleya said: "While it is true that murders happen everywhere, but where do you hear parents killing their own children?"

              What about karo kari? Parents kill their own daughters in cold blood. I agree with Amber. In the West these things are sensationalized and plastered all over the media, while in Muslim countries they are hushed up. You should not demonize the West to the extent that you say that it's part of their culture to they kill their own children. Come on!



                I happen to agree with Zara on this. We go and demoralize the western society because we need someone to blame. Child abuse is everywhere, in West and in the East. Just because the abuse receives more publicity here, doesn't mean that it doens't exist somewhere else.
                BUT, I can see where Baleya is comin from. When two cultures that are as distinct as the Western and Eastern one are integrated, it causes havoc on the people assimilating because they forget their limits as well as their values. They are too busy trying to adapt to even remember the basic humane values every person should have.
                The truth is though, no matter how much we debate on this topic, it doesn't change one fact. No matter what the reason behind it, a little girl was brutally murdered and disfigured by the two peoples who are supposed to love her more than anyone in the world. I think we are forgetting the real tragedy here.


                  I guess upto a point you guys are right...
                  I guess the comparison I was doing was Islam vs West .... What I'm trying to say is that people who do such horrific things are not part of the Islamic culture...and anyone who is even little bit connected with the Islamic aqeeda would never do such a terrible thing.....
                  At the same time, I don't think I'm demonizing West...I see/hear things and am able to conclude my opinions based on reality....even if it happens back home, the idea itself is probably due to the missing Islamic aqeeda in that person, and when the aqeeda is missing, the location (time/place) doesn't really matter....

                  I hope that clarifies my point a little bit better inshaAlah.


                    What can U expect from the followers of allah the sinner
                    We muslims are born *******s.We [email protected]## our own sisters.We kill mercilessly.We cut our own #[email protected]# to atone for our sins.
                    We circumsize & mutilate our ammi's [email protected]#[email protected] .
                    we kill our own abbu if needed.
                    so what the couple did was a natural pious muslim ritual

                    {member you are new so..please re-read your membership agreement..that type of language is not condoned. Thank you.}

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                      Members interesting discussion....

                      I agree murder and such horrible abuse occur everywhere and have nothing to do with the person's religion/culture but how crazy they are...and that happens everywhere.

                      I know of stories of people in the villages who abuse kids..physically, emotionally and sexually and No one reports it continues.

                      (btw HK i don't like to delete posts...and you're new..i'll assume you ARE NOT trying to flame)

                      Oh..and please don't try to change the direction of the discussion...this murder had nothing to do with Islam or any type of muslim ritual.


                        I find it hard to separate this murder from the so-called "honor killings" that do happen so much in Pak. I mean, the end result is the same - with an innocent person losing their life, either directly or indirectly with the support of the parents. A life is precious - be it of a 5 year-old or a 25 year-old. We tend to show more shock at the murder of a child being the fact that it was a mere child. However, murder is not condoned in Islam at all - age is of no significance. I tend to feel that if a person loses their sight of religion to that extent, then it doesn't matter where they are living and no amount of trying to accomodate themselves to a new lifestyle etc. can make an excuse for it. One has to know right from wrong, regardless of where they live, and our religion should be inside us, to be practiced no matter that we live in a western nation or a muslim one. It is time we took a stand against abuse...and showed the world what Islam really stands for...

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