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    What's your interest ?

    What is (are) your interest. And i don't mean things like reading, poetry, music blababla.
    And do you have time or space for it.
    What did you used to do and don't do anymore cos.......???

    For the last time...

    Interest is Haraaaam Haraaaam Haraaaam brother.

    The only thing that I used to do which I cant do much anymore is soccer and rugby. partially time constraints, partially finding a good group. It is especially hard to find any rugby leagues and consequently I have not played rugby since I finished school 2 1/2 years ago.

    ooh there is another one and that is music. I used to be a part of a college band and we used to perform at various events and parties but with all of us in different cities and busy with careers, the whole music thing has gone now...

    booo hoooo :<
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.




        Maulana Fraudia

        arent you in the wrong place

        RAG is this way

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          MrF i also used to play soccer, but it was more having a party after the 90min, cos we had a "friend"team. But ex. the same as you, we hardly see each other, busy with careers or living in diff. cities etc etc.


            intrest lene or denay walay dono juhanamay
            is liuay hum to is duhnday main purtay he nahinh.



              bank account naa khulwana, and dont even think of buying a house on mortgage, and dont work because u have to pay TAX (Interest to Government on your earnings) ... aisa karo khud kushi kar ko, magar kia karain wo bhe haram hay.

              Haven't u guys heard????

              Jaisa des waisa bhes.

              Dont tell me that Pakistan or Saudi Arabia is interest free countries, they do the same things .... like a maulvee, who tells about islam on the loud speaker and as soon he gets off the speaker he is the first one who does the haram act.



                shush bhai...aur kitni rishwat lay ga moonh band rakhnay kay liye.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  pathwariiiiiii BRO where ya beeeeeeennnnnnn?!
                  22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


           What ya mean Little Sis Hinnie Binie ??

                    I was was u who disappeared........................

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                      Pathwari Yar, outside of interests (reading, TV, washing dishes, etc.) that you don’t want to know, my biggest interest is Awara Gardee. I have gotten my younger son into that too. Every last Saturday of the month, we go and explore a different neighborhood of the city. NYC is so big and so rich culturally and is ever so changing. Our purpose is just to do Awara Gardee, and nothing more. The neighborhoods change after only a few blocks. One minute you hear Spanish, and the next it is Polish. It is practically impossible to learn everything about NYC, but I am on a mission to hit places that have yet to be discovered.

                      My other interest if I have time (and money) is to travel to Central Asia and China. There is so much to see.

                      My other interest is Cooking palatable appetizing luscious delightful extremely pleasing sinful sexy and fabulous and incredibly juicy cuisine. But I wouldn’t talk about that.


                        NYA yaar, i agree with you. NY is great. I love the 24/7 action. I have been there twice but only visited the "musts".
                        BTW when are we going to dinner at your place ?
                        One of your interests is cooking, this is of course askin for trouble.

                        I just sold my motorcycle (with pain in my heart) cos i almost did not use it last year. Just two or three times. Either the weather is too bad over here or i do not have the time.

                        Since the last two years i'm interested in skiing, but that needs a lot of practice.
                        Done it twice so far......and gettin better.

                        I also used to do rollerskating and want to buy them this summer. See if i still can do that. People say you never unlearn skating........i'll tell you in the summer.


                          PathwariG: skip the roller skates and go directly into roller-blading. It is truly much easier. Same concept - four wheels, but they're in a line which makes it easier to have them all going in the same direction - at the same time!! It's really not that difficult to get the hang of it - I started in my (ahem, shall we just say - later) and don't do too bad (actually don't do too good either!


                            AuntiG, used to rollerskate for years, and am a little bit used to that. Don't do it bad either.
                            Done it last summer again after 8 years and did ok. So am thinking to buy a set again this summer.
                            The City of Rotterdam organises 6 times a skate event (all kind : roller- inline -rollerblad etc etc) in the summer. And i think i am going to do this this summer.
                            Everybody who can stand on wheels will be there. It is in the centre of the town and there will be no traffic.
                            The idea has been copied from Paris. They organise something similar over there.