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Those arrested for expressing their opinion now exceeds 800

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    Those arrested for expressing their opinion now exceeds 800

    Those arrested for expressing their opinion now exceeds 800

    On Monday the 13th of December, 1999 the Syrian authorities
    (Airforce intelligence) undertook raids on the houses of the Members
    of Hizb ut-Tahrir in most of the cities and villages of Syria. There has
    been a series of raids for some weeks now during which time
    numerous members of the Hizb have been arrested, their houses
    have been stormed, their families terrorised, and those managing to
    escape were being pursued. The authorities deliberately began to
    take hostages from the families of the members that were being
    pursued in order to force them to give themselves in. As well they
    have taken residence in the homes of certain members and detained
    their families. The arrests still continue incessantly. What is known,
    until the publication date of this leaflet, is that 800 sons of the
    Muslims have been arrested, amongst whom there are a number of
    women who have been charged with affiliation to Hizb ut-Tahrir.

    The arrests have been carried out in an extremely brutal manner, to
    the extent that the secret service killed a Member in his car during a
    chase. They have opened fire on some and killed an officer in the
    army with his two assistants. In addition to this is the vicious torture
    faced by those arrested by the interrogation branch. Furthermore, the
    secret service department has placed telephone surveillance
    equipment in the homes of the members and their relatives.

    This campaign of arrests has come in circumstances where Syria
    has entered into treacherous negotiations with the Jews. In the
    course of which she is recognising the usurping of Palestine by the
    Jews and the establishment of relationships of complete recognition
    with their entity, let alone agreeing to the presence of American
    forces in the Golan.

    Fearing that the sincere ones in the Ummah will expose this policy of
    the regime in Syria, it has undertaken a campaign of arrests in this
    brutal manner.

    O Noble Ummah: The Lord of Might and Honour has described you
    as the best Ummah brought forth for mankind when you order the
    good (Ma'ruf) and forbid the evil (Munkar). And thus you are paying a
    heavy price to Kufr and its helpers by your silence over the Munkar.
    And part of this price is the arrest of some of your sincere sons, your
    dear sons who have assumed on their shoulders the responsibility of
    making the change and bringing Islam back to the reality of life. The
    imposition of the American hegemony over Syria and the region is
    another part of the price you pay.

    O sincere sons of the Ummah and those in positions of
    responsibility: With your role you are as well paying and will pay a
    great part of the price for the sovereignty of Kufr over you, at the head
    of which is America. A costly price in this world and a great price in
    the Hereafter, which is nothing other than the punishment of Allah
    and His wrath for you. That is if you are content with this situation
    and you accept it. The Messenger of Allah (saw) warned about
    staying silent when he said: "Leaders will be appointed over you,
    and you will find them doing good deeds as well as bad
    deeds. The one who hates their bad deeds is absolved from
    blame, the one who disapproves of their bad deeds is safe, but
    the one who approves and follows is (doomed)."

    The system of kufr in Syria is weak and feeble. The kufr is
    working at this time to cement its influence and authority in order
    to extend its life as much as possible through a new era. So take a
    stance of truth and dignity, that will give you honour in this world
    and dignity in the Hereafter. Support Islam and those who carry its
    Call, so that Allah will be pleased with you and makes you pleased
    with Him:

    "Say: short is the enjoyment of this world. The Hereafter is far
    better for him who fears Allah, and you will not be dealt with
    unjustly even equal to the Fatila (a thread in the long slit of a
    date-stone).: [An-Nisa:77]

    Hizb ut-Tahrir

    Wilayah of Syria

    7 Shawwal 1420

    13th January, 2000

    wonder when they will areest people of al mohajiroon. the breakaway faction of the unity preaching group :>
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



      I understand what difficulty some muslims are going thru. But the sahaba or the rasool never made public announcements as far as how they're being tortured by the Qur'aysh. They never made these cries, rather they kept up with their work to establish Islam in totality no matter how badly they were hurt and no matter how many of them got hurt...

      I think the muslims' work should be to try to establish Islam, not cry about who got hurt and how many of us got hurt. That doesn't lead to a intelligent movement, rather an emotional movement.