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    My Predicament

    Every time I go to Pakistan, my Mom gets me a couple pairs of Shalwar Kamiz. After using them there, I bring them back to New York and sometimes lounge around in them.

    You see I am very indecisive about whether to use Nala or Elastic. Elastic has the ease of taking Shalwar off easily for business purposes, but Nala has its own attraction. I kinda like long and thick Nalas that after tying you tuck them inside and it hangs round with almost a massagic feel. The downside of Short Nala is that sometimes it disappears inside the “Nayfa”. So, as usual, I am confused whether to use Elastic or utilize Nala. Could you please tell me what you prefer and cons and pros of using both.

    Ny mian

    be unique, use braces, or suspenders as the yanks call em.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Use Nala....nala some how gives the impression that person has self control, confidence and somewhat chasity/naikness....Elastic on the other hand is very sluty...easy to manipulate,loose, knwo what I mean. Nala suits your personality more



        Ask your mother. I hope you can come up with better topics, Yawn..............


          Dear Rani, are you saying that my Mother will help me come up with better topics? I guess you are right.

          I honestly thought that this was a serious question. I guess I am a little too simple. I apologize. My next topic will be very brainy: The difference between a Rani and a Maharani.


            NYAhmadi janab lately you have been posting very "unlike-NYAhmadi" topics. Hey whats going on these day! Or may be I had a very different impression of you.
            Anyways use whatever you like and feel happy in!



              Your reply to my post was hilarious (although your original post fell flat). If you want my opinion on a very difficult issue of choosing between Nala and elastic - I will vote in favor of convienence i.e. elastic, in the end I have to say ....who cares !!!!


                Dear purple88. This is NYA-Y2K. Can’t you tell that I am a little bored? Man, we need some excitement here. I think lately Gupshup has shown a little lightness in postings. I agree with you that of late, I have been a little malodorous. I will try to behave.

                So, this is your opportunity to cheer up the place.

                Dear Rani. I just want this place to cheer up a little. I know that winter has a tendency to bring out the cold side of us, but spring is just around the corner.


                  NY Ahmadi

                  Oi up the punk life and use a chain as a Naarra...wicked innit?

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    NYA how bout using the shalwars for dusting and mopping purposes
                    or better hang them up as curtains
                    and lounge in bermudas

                    btw next time ask your mum to get you longis

                    --<[email protected] In Life there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be found @-->--


                      Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                      Elastic has the ease of taking Shalwar off easily for business purposes....
                      NYA please explain us ur business........

                      to answer ur Q :

                      Don't forget, Nala is one of our culture pillars Don't leave home without it.

                      And what would this Pathwari be with an elastic in his Shalwaar.

                      Writng this i remeber when Pathwari was just a litlle pathwari ( i think i was 7)
                      During a shadee there were always dancers in our Pind. And they used to pull our Nala when we were too close... Back then i learned a few seaman's knots.
                      But imagine a little pathwari looking to the dancers with an elastic in his shalwaar..........
                      Noooooooo no elastic for me!!!


                        Loose 'em both my friend and shtick with good old trusty jeans!!!


                          Man, you're such a tharay baaz.

                          ( )