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I'm back From Las Vegas

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    I'm back From Las Vegas

    Boy! If I had gone to hell without visiting Vegas then it would have been unfair to hell and Pamela Anderson.
    what a place! what an time all the time....lost a couple of hundred bucks though ;-(

    I celebrated The millenium party at the strip ... ahem you got me wrong! strip is actualy the downtown. Its awesome!

    what did u guys do for new year's eve...whz the plan for Eid! O O I see some muslims coming my BoSS!


    p.s NaikoOoOo! hmmm kuch nhin hehe....

    Ok, this requires further probe and investigation specific to the details about chicks there. You can start anytime now.


      O O I see some muslims coming my BoSS!

      Certianly will kill you, when ever or if ever you face me in real life BoSS (start counting ur blessings right from this moment). Waaaaaa...!!! When in the world will you sudhar-o-fy? Oh I give up on my lectures *sniff* Okay, don't worry, I'm only kidding
      And Roman ji... what do you have to say for yourself? Yuk na shud, duo shud *tauba* *tauba*
      Kiya zamana agiya hie. **daysee being all upset-ofied again**
      Piyaray buchon, ja kay tauba kar lo sub glittery/shlittery stuff say. JaO shabash. Ya phir rahm hi kar lo khud pay. Kabhi tuo ghalthi say bhi achi, achi bathain kar liya karo. Kiya moseebath hie? Hain!!! Both of you are in trouble buddies. Welcome my blissful lectures from now on

      Aur yay kiya bhooth jaisay *naikOoooOOoooOOo* kar rahay ho? Khariyath? Ya is that the new film that u'll beshooting somewhere?**sarcasm, light, light**
      Vegas ja kay yahi kuch seek kay ayain hain? *tsk* *tsk* Kithni bori bath hie ***Dhup*** (sanctifying a shoe, on behalf of beloved Jamaysherin) Ab karo Hehe...
      Hell? P.Anderson.. *astaghfirullah* Allah rayhm karay. *astaghfar* *astaghfar*

      side note to Naik larki... any ideas to sudrify Bhai ji And Hayaa... yaar where do u go, when ur dunda services are required utmost?


      ***Hoohoo Run like the wind Daysee***

      [This message has been edited by Daysee Behna (edited January 08, 2000).]


        That must have been a fun New Years. No Y2K problems hey? The lights in Las Vegas, still shining bright...

        Welcome back Boss, Eid Mubarak...



          hey yeh log kon hayN?
          yeh bass kahaN gaya tha?

          kaheeN yeh vegas ka jasoos to naheeN , aray pakro uss ko, jaanay na payay, aray......... aray dekho ....koi to..............pakro ...... jasoos kaheeN ka

          may sub kay bhaid khol doonga, yahoo.....


            **Sighs Sighs Sighs**

            Rind-e kharaab haal ko zahid na chaeRh tu
            Tujh ko Parayee kiya banni apni nabaeR tu

            Wesay tou thats what i believe in....but since this is not "Parayee";-)
            Tum zara hayaa ke danday ko 7 din tak tael ki malish ker ke dhoop mein rakho....SAb theek ho jaye ga Bhai aap ke aisay saaf suthray hooN ge Jesay ganga naha ker aaye hooN

            PS. **Sheeeeesh tum zara doosri side per aao baccho....huh**


              Jami Dear... Hain to ur shairs Sowwie. But MiSS hain kidhar?

     BOSS CHICKENS OUT Puk, puk, pukaak!!



                oey..kurriyo!! jaldi bataao...kis ko danday say halaal kerna hay!! mai abhi abhi qasaaee say taiZ kerwa ker laaee hoon...haha

                *whispers to behnaa: yeh kaisay kaisay log hamaaray ji ko jalaanay aa jaatay hain yar...i think boss and roman need a garma garam daras from u...immediately*

                be back soon.