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A Summary of the Past Millennium

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    A Summary of the Past Millennium

    So much has happened in the past century that it would require a book thick as Noor Jahanís Thighs even to summarize the events that have taken place here in our beloved Gupshup. I will try to be brief, to the point, and in a fairly unbiased fashion. So, here goes:

    The best guppo of last century, in my humble opinion, was Stud. Most newcomers are perhaps not familiar with his work, but he was a Stud in every sense of the word. His contributions included self recrimination, shame and embarrassment, Shia girls and Biryani, and anything that makes as much sense as a cigarette that is lit on both sides. He was a two-edged sword. We all miss him, and hope that he re-appears.

    All topics in all threads were very interesting and eye (as well as other body part) opening. Gender debates were very lively and few of the members took the arguments to as much extreme as one can possibly go. Sharp shooting between the sexes continues into the new millennium, but I believe that techniques have been refined and most members (mainly male members) have learnt from the past century that female members may not have enough tactical warfare, but they are way smarter when it comes to psychological warfare. The battle of the sexes continues.

    Politics have been pretty interesting, and not much has been discussed about the Kashmir issue. I think most members now know more about Kashmir than about their own families. Any member here can tell you what percent of GDP India spends over Kashmir while they still cannot name the capital of Slovenia. Thatís politics for you in a nutshell.

    Religion has mainly been quiet steady in terms of discussions over the superiority of one Islamic sect over all others. It is understandable. Everyone should feel superior about his or her sect.

    Other areas of Gupshup have also come a long way.

    I think, as the say, letís put our behind in the past, and embrace the new millennium with same unmitigated dedication and in the spirit of lovemaking and understanding.

    I think Mods and Admins have done an excellent job in the past century and I hope that they continue to keep this educational and fun medium of brining Pakistanis and Indians together from all corners of the world.

    Long live Gupshupp.

    P.S. This is only a summary of events. The complete Journal is available by sending $19.48 to Mr. Fraudia, plus the shipping charges.

    Is there anything that Fraudz doesn't charge for?


      > P.S. This is only a summary of events. The complete Journal is available by sending $19.48 to Mr. Fraudia, plus the shipping charges.

      Ok, this PS takes the lead!


        Roman Yar, this is just a start. I only wrote it in 4 minutes flat, after reading one of your replies in the other thread. I will continue to highlight the events of the past century here. Starting tomorrow. I plan to start off with your contribution (starting with your old nick). I plan to do the same to Mr. Xtreme, and all my other buddies here who have made this place so much fun. I think Mr. Fraudia gives something without charging. I am not at liberty to tell you what, perhaps you could send me a self-addressed stamped envelop.


          You mention my name in your journal once and I swear to God, Holy Prophet, and The Trinity that I will boycott gupshup (see, I'm shy like a virgin bridegroom).



            NY .. thanks mon! you r a big support! and yes, with your help, we will continue this great tradition... one big accomplishment was 10,000 posts in POETRY section. Has anyone seen so many URDU poetry posts in one place? ...



              NY, I agree with your choice of Stud as the 'best guppo' of last year. He is very intelligent and its too bad he doesn't post here anymore. He invited me to post here and I'm really thankful for that. I think he still posts on some other forums...

              Thank you for your contribution to GupShup as well NY Without you, this place would be boring



                Well.. poetry section, there is a lot of repetion, recently people have started posting .gif files in Urdu which discourages people like me who are bit literate in Urdu but take ages to read the stuff.

                Politics .. nothing besides Kashmir true.. but that has been one point agenda even outside gupshup.

                I was thinking of contributing serious stuff to shor-sharaba, writing about some salil chowdhry compositions and satyajit ray movies. but hijacking changed the plan.


                  Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                  P.S. This is only a summary of events. The complete Journal is available by sending $19.48 to Mr. Fraudia, plus the shipping charges. [/B]

                  Please buy the journal cos Mr. Fraudia is funding our Formula I team with it.


                    I don't know... I think it's a tie between NYA and Stud.