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Gupshup etiquettes and culture

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    Gupshup etiquettes and culture

    Just curious what others have to say on this:

    What, as a participant, you feel are the etiquettes of gupshup? And what do you think should be the etiquettes of this forum?

    What are some of the main charactristics of gupshup culture you have observed?

    I'm not talking about's policies and rules but rather people's ways of interacting here within the limits of those policies.

    And you don't have to think much, just shoot.

    Well like you said dont think so i'm just typing away:
    Most of the people here are very "bharkeelay" and "josheelay". Can't take a joke. Know what I mean?
    Sexist remarks are used oftenly!
    Racist remakrs are very common which I truly hate...
    Khair, everyone should respect each other regardless of their origin, race or religion.
    (or gender!)


      I think everyone has a different attitude depending on what forum he/she is in. Politics and Religion forum usually bring out the beast in everyone. Meeting People brings out the love...General brings out nothing...Poetry brings out the calm...Jokes bring out the funny side of people. I think the mood changes. I have experienced it myself.


        I think basically, in addition to regular netiquette (no caps), members here tend to respect the other guppos, with the exception of a few people. When responding, and not agreeing to a certain post, it is okay to be critical of the content, but I think it shows a total lack of etiquette and maturity when the poster also personally insults another member based on their post.


          Gupshup is the best forum of it's kind and this is reflected by the number of posts which fly around here.

          Etiquette is just fine as it is. Lot's of different views ranging from the Xtremely sensible to the ludicrous (e.g. pigs and prostitutes courtesy of NYA).

          I agree that Politics is definitely the forum that brings out the beasty types. I call for a ban on ZZ and Rani with immediate effect.


            Oh oh don't forget the Sports Forum (last month ago, i think).. that brought out the envy of some.. jeliously of others, violence against others or unmature behavior.

            Haha.. i think many remember that big fight

            [This message has been edited by Peoples Champ (edited January 03, 2000).]


              People are very well behaved in here, compared to other discussion groups, maybe thanks to the moderators.

              In terms of culture, I think its a finally knit group of people, most people are accepted and encouraged to participate, its like a family. Even to the point, where people are willing to meet in person.



                I guess it would be rather redundant to express my opinion as Mr. Xtreme and Achtung have summed it up....

                GupShup is simply the best!


                  I am in LOVE.............................................. .................................................. .

                  with GUPSHUP............

                  Till next time,
                  Allah Hafiz


                    Come on now man, you are still hung up on that pig and prostitute thing... I thought that was just another comical satire from NYAhmadi (Well, prostitution part may not be so but I can't be too sure since I kinda did not go to Politics to read it).

                    I am pretty sure that same reasons that you use to call for a ban on ZZ and Rani also apply to some of the Pakistani members. Would you not agree?

                    Peoples Champ,
                    I am so much not aware of what went on there. Last time I went to the Sports section, I heard the news that Marshal (W. Indian bowler) died. I said that's it, I am not coming back to this section again.

                    Some things come to my mind.

                    1- Majority of the active participants here is younger people. Age range 16-22 and hence most of the posts do reflect interests of such group of people. (Hina, remind me to participate in your next snowball fight, I always forget that).

                    2- Even though this is a Pakistani culture oriented forum, there is just too much stuff about desi-ism (a point on ism: there are as many isms (does ism have a plural form??) in the world as there are words in the dictionary). Mostly, any conclusion drawn upon in any discussion is inclined towards what religion says or what Pakistani culture is supposed to be or is (I'm not sure which one applies here). You can be sitting in Pakistan and still talk about billions of other things in the world. Point is that a lot of people here don't try to be as imaginative, creative, and free-minded as they actually are and I have no idea why.

                    3- People seem to be a bit self-constrained. They seem to care too much about what should they express, and how should it be expressed. I think it runs in our culture to worry too much about what people think about you. Another thing that runs in our culture is that we take things so personally. Example: I could be talking about religion (not any particular religion, but just religion) in general and people would just go buzzerk. I cant believe people can get offended so much easily on something that is so subjective in nature.

                    4- One of the most prominent things I like about this forum is that most of the people behave/act the way they are. They constrain themselves, true, but still they are not pretentious. 'Bharkeelay' or 'Josheelay' on times may be but not pretentious. That's one hell of a good quality any group of people can possess.

                    That's all come to mind so far.



                      you are misunderstanding me. I appreciate NYA's comments along these lines 'cause they are genuine and relevant. I have said in the past that these type of posts actually make me live and I thrive on them. It is your half-assed drivel that i tend to founder on. maybe my own weakness. or strength. I don't know.



                        Well, thanks for the attitude. I think I will let it go this time. I don't know about you, but it hardly seems suitable to retort in a place where we are talking about culture and etiquettes, even though the temptation to use some of the expressions I know is quite immense.


                          > GupShup is simply the best!

                          Really .. I thought you thought it was the site. I should ask this question there, I guess.

                          But seriously ppl, com'on ... you gotta be kidding about this moderation stuff. Other than general and sports, I see trigger-happy moderators, e.g. hmcq, running around telling others how to behave across all the fora.

                          Are we all really that delicate that we can't handle a diverse opinion, a racial slur or an obscenity and need a moderator/classroom_monitor ???

                          IMO, thats a reflection of real life and should be left alone ... let ppl act how they want to.

                          I mean if you're not editing monumentally moronic remarks like:

                          > Gupshup is the best forum of it's kind and this is reflected
                          > by the number of posts which fly around here.......
                          > I call for a ban on ZZ and Rani with immediate effect.

                          and people's agreement to it, why take out what may be a perfectly natural reaction from the people ?

                          Also, is number of posts really a measure of excellence ... think about it - I would think quite the contrary. I'm surprised to see ALLEGEDLY smart ppl agreeing with this sort of drivel including this guy's stmts about banning users.

                          ps: Nothing against the moderators, but Achtung dude, make up your mind: Are ppl well behaved or are moderators forcing them to ?? It can't be both.
                          ps2: And remember, fiber is your friend.



                            The moronic remarks made by morons like myself are not always meant to be taken 100% seriously. I don't really want anyone banned...not even people who keep turning up here to plug their own sites.


                              > Are we all really that delicate that we can't handle a diverse opinion, a racial slur or an obscenity and need a moderator/classroom_monitor ???

                              No, its not about delicacy, its about choice. People choose to participate or not to and like or dislike something based on their own beliefs. If they dont want to hear obscenity, they dont want to hear the obscenity. How does this make it a lesser reflection of life or delicate?

                              And next time, think a bit more before putting the words racial slur, obscenity so casually alongside of diverse opinion. They dont go together.

                              > IMO, thats a reflection of real life and should be left alone ... let ppl act how they want to.

                              Ok, what is it? Self-righteously judging people and passing on slande... is it reflection of reality or pretense? Is presumption of ones character a perfectly natural reaction? Tell you what, try sometime, getting inflamed by someone and instead of perfectly reacting naturally, let it go gracefully. You will find it a lot more worthwhile. However, active ingredient of the recipe is an inactive shallow ego.

                              Lastly, it does not make you a real person if you slander people at one time and barge in and give lecture on reflection of reality at other. Thats called hypocrite self-righteousness. Before asking others to make up their minds, decide what you are.