Hi gang, sorry i have been away for a few days but I was arranging Eidi for all of you folks.

...so...how does a free t-shirt sound? That's right...FREE! All you have to do is register on the great entertainment
website http://www.unitic.com It only takes a minute and all you need is a valid
email and street address! The t-shirt is black withthe red Unitic logo on it.
Why would I want a free t-shirt, you ask? Well, hereare just a few reasons:
1)Partied too much over the weekend and are out ofclean laundry
2)1 more layer for those chilly winter mornings
3)It's a conversation starter...get that cute guy/girl to ask you what Unitic means at your next party
4)It's not just a t-shirt...it doubles as a nightshirt as well!
5)If everyone in the group registers, we can have a "Unitic T-shirt" day which will promote unity
6)Makes a great gift!
Remember, this offer is valid only from January 3-January 14 and only while supplies last, so hurry on over to www.unitic.com to claim your ultra coolt-shirt!

And thats your eidi kiddos