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Internet company that pays you for your net surfing

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    Internet company that pays you for your net surfing

    A good news for all those living in the UK, the USA, Canada,France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

    I recently joined, a new Internet company that pays its
    members for surffing the Web! (from a share of their advertising revenue).

    It only takes a minute to join, so sign up now (please refer to me as your
    referring member - Member ID# HFC766) at and you can start earning
    cash today.

    Kind regards

    Mahmood Hassan
    Member ID# HFC766

    P/S on top of this I have recently joined as my
    free ISP. There are even no telephone line usage charges during off-peak
    hours surfing.

    [This message has been edited by Mahmood (edited January 02, 2000).]

    HAHhahahaa yeahh i got my check already for 20 bucks!!! its waste of time(well maybe) and space on the screen!!! but I dont like it when my browser shrinks!!! i need all the space i can get to do what i do...oh yea i ll give you my user name why dont you put it in your referals? Haan buddy what you say?


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***