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    If your brother...

    was locked up unjustly in a prison in india.

    would you hijack their plane? What would you do if not this?

    Its a barbaric inhumane act. But, then again it might be their last burning candle of hope. So before you go on condemning them for this act, put yourself in their shoes.

    Dont ever forget. Getting justice from a banya is a tough thing to ask.

    hijacker and his brother both are pakistani nationals. his brother entered on forged passport (portuguese) and participated terrorist activities before 'unjustly' put in jail.


      so ZZ are you saying because a person is born a pakistani and does soemthing , all pakistanis are to blame for it...

      perhaps we should go further and say well brother and hijacker is a human being ...
      So we all are to blame for the hijacking!!!!
      Won't the world be a so much better place if there were no humans?


        clearly this question wasnt meant for indians. however we all agree to the fact that Pakistan is the cause of every single problem in india. I think soon we will see the day when a bird's death in india will be blamed on ISI. Fear on, thats how it has always been.

        Now, back to the topic fellows. Show some character... answer the question.


          i did not say that hmcq, i just commented on the word 'unjustly'.


            ZZ this is the way I read it

            > hijacker and his brother both are pakistani nationals

            emphasis Pakistani (none of my reads on any of the world media have indicated this point by the way, just that teh hijackers are kashmiri sepratists or conversely democracy seakers (remember even the great gandi started like that against the aparthied system in Soiuth Africa))

            >his brother entered on forged passport (portuguese) and participated terrorist activities before 'unjustly' put in jail

            their activities were of a terrorist nature (of course that defination depends on which side of the coin you look at -- after all any human rights violations by the military force could be considered terroristic in nature by the kasmiris who want an independent state ). by using the word unjustly in the ironic form your further asserting that the people were terrorists...

            now there are two words that come out of it all

            Pakistani -- terrorists -- may be you can clarify it further for me!!!

            by the way I dont seem to notice in Mundayaas orgininal post any mention of the people been pakistanis or not... your bringing into the conversation this fact only highlights what I said in my previous post...

            so perhaps you can clarify whot you did really mean... and if you truely did mean to comment on the word unjustly then perhaps you should be kind enough to remove youer reference to them been pakistanis from the post.


            Unless the person can truely convince me that killing other people and thier families was the only way to achieve the objective, I would never support any body like that.... have you ever considered the people who are left behind questioning what has happened. killing only leads more hatered and I think we have enough of that already.... at the end of this millenium, what do you guys think it will be remembered for..... I think it will be for all the wars and the deaths... the century and millenium in which the people of earth turned on themselves.


              muttawakil says he has met one of hijacker who is brother of maulana azhar. now maulana azhar is pakistani. i emphasized pakistani to show the forged passport angle. pakistanis who are entering kashmir are on specific mission, which is definitely not peaceful.


                it has been an old banya mentality to victimize itself. i assure all of you, that the hundreds of thousands of indian army is not playing ping pong in Kashmir.

                They are the real terrorists.


                  read the first post and see who is victimizing self.

                  hijacker's brother is put in jail for well defined crimes and should have been hanged by now so that hijacking did take place.

                  P.S. Indian officials say that maulana azhar is the only son. so the person claiming to be his brother could be cousin or distant relative.

                  [This message has been edited by ZZ (edited December 26, 1999).]


           might have been the last candle burning for them, but dont u think this was a selfish route to take? One brother is already in jail in india, and now the other brother will undoubtedly go to jail too, or meet some other unfortunate ending, and the mother of the two stands to lose it all. Why be so selfish and do something just for the peace of ones own mind? Granted his brother is unfairly sitting in jail, but history tells us, hijacking a plane isnt gonna get him anywhere. Sooner or later they are gonna tire out and give up, or else just take up asylum in some other country, but regardless, they will be undergoing a murder trial.


                      ACT EXCEPT KILLING OF CIVILIANS.
                      HINDU BUNIYA DESERVE IT.


                        i think .. just to avoid this possibility, pakistan govt. has put shahbaz sharief in jail.


                          first you say you did not put the pakistani to mean anything then you want to show the pakistani angle? does not add up. as for your other comments:

                          1) well defined crimes by whom?

                          2) so does that mean all indians in Pakistan are there for specific person. May be this is why we have not in 50+ yrs of exitance not been able to get peace in the continent.

                          your other comments dont make sense so i cant say anything...


                   wrong dude.
                            You're forgetting the real victims here and are only concentrating on the act.
                            Did you know that one of the 4 killed was a newlywed guy on his honeymoon with his bride. SHE'S she's still on the plane... WIDOWED!!!
                            Married less than a week!
                            NOW tell me that he deserved to die!?!
                            She's the only one on that plane who feels she has nothing to live for. Spare her a thought!


                              Hijacking and terrorism are the act of cowards! I feel for that girl whose husband just lost his life....just imagine!.. loosing your spouse on your honeymoon... its pathetic!

                              By the way, how can one be sure of who these real terrorists are?! First the words were that they were sikhs... then words came out that they were speaking pure hindi.. and now it might be pakis? With so many conflicting news, how can one make judgements? One could also say: Could it be RAW? Anybody remembers the 1971 scenario? Deja Vu?

                              Lets wait and see what happens and pray for the folks on board!