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    Action Alert!!!!!!


    CNN is having one of its polls.

    This time its on whether the international community should intervene in
    Chechnya, or whether its an internal Russian affair. The URL for this poll
    is at

    The question being asked is: "Should the world play a greater role in ending
    the war in Chechnya?" Please vote yes and add your voice to the fighters
    inside Grozny.

    Do the needful and pass on this message to other friends so they too can
    help the Chechens.

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    Excellent post!
    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    Though I spend a great deal of time on the net....I don't always get such information. And many posters only bring controversial subjects here to provoke arguments rather than invoke positive results.

    Again, thank you for doing the right thing.


      I am not sure how discussing this on CNN, or what that matter - any bulletin board, will help chechens? Yes, it will cause everyone to condemn the onslaught, but the aggression has already been recognized by the world and yet nothing is being done.

      I would rather save my breath..err.... typing... and do my meager little part by helping the relief agencies. But hey!! thats just me!



        Your reply is typical of what we always hear
        when we request the Muslim community, or any
        others who sincerely believe in human rights to let their thoughts be known to the folks that matter. True CNN by itself may not be able to do much, but do you feel sending letters to the White House may help?? People are being requested to do that as well. Letters/polls like these have been known to bring positive results. Just go to the CAIR site and see the success stories...may be that will convince you. In any case, voting karne mein kya harj hai??


          What's the difference between what's happening in Chechnya and Sri Lanka, Ethopia/Eritrea, Sudan, etc. and what happened in Bangledesh/East Pakistan?

          Why should the world intervene in Chechnya?

          What will this accomplish?

          Should muslims only care when people who call themselves muslims are being slaughtered?

          and what about when a group of self-proclaimed muslims are the aggressors (ie: Sudan), what then, do we pretend like it's not happening??

          just thinking out loud.