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Best Gupper on this Gappustan

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    Best Gupper on this Gappustan

    What do you think is the best Gupper here, my vote goes to NYAHMADY and like all the shair posted by Naik Larki.
    What do you think

    I think Jaawan is pretty good.

    ps: Jaawan dude - I know the whole desi boys interest but this is NOT a come-on.


      Nadia down under.
      Why ?
      Always brief, to the point and with a smile.


        I find Nadia rather annoying ... I still think Jaawan is the best Gupper on Gappustan.

        And you guys better be nice to him or someone might steal him over to another website .... I've heard the scouts are all over recruiting studly, young desi men like Jaawan.


        Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


          My vote goes to NYAHMADY, Some1, zz, Reagan and all the participants who collectively make this forum an interesting place.

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            I think the best gupper is this guy Devuchka, few guppers have the talents he has,

            1) he can irritate other guppers with a few lines (which I'm sure he finds witty),
            2) he thinks very highly of himself, at the expense of others,
            3) he speaks his mind (with or without knowledge)
            4) he not only has the time to post on this forum but also contributes to others, demonstrating his aspirations to be the best 'gupper' not only on this site, but also across the net (also indicating that he has no life)
            5) he is a confused 'boatie' (FOB), not afraid to judge others on the basis of little knowledge
            6) he thinks and talks with some confidence about women, in the process demonstrating that he knows nothing about them

            Achtung (can be equally judgmental)

            ps: please refer to the ps in my 'lota' thread


              I like jawaan. i am sure he is a friendly guy.


                i have several
                all favourites at their own place

                AuntiG .....she speaks from her heart
                KashG.......i dunno she reminds me of my Mum
                NYA.........never gets offended
                Hinna & cute
                Dev.........he gets on my nerves thats why
                Bhabi........aaj kal ghaib hain
                TeAmo.......cause i never understand what he posts
                Nagz........we have this chemistry its hard to explain
                Saba........she has this calm and soothing effect plus she is doing a superb job in the Politics
       bara kaam ka hay
                Jawaan and Shpooki......they remind me of me
                DeeDee & HHTA.....dono mafroor hain

                like i said the list can go on and on again
                this place is full of guppers who make the gupshup interesting with their unique ways

                Pathwari btw aap kay nick ka matlab ? ..


                  my nick :
                  some1 from the POTOHAR area.
                  GujarKhan -- Chakwal -- Mandra


                  some1 who is responsible for the land records.

                  It depends on how u pronounce it.

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                    so basically pathwari comes from pathar ?
                    i mean is it related in some kinda manner ?


                      Don t know......never noticed that link.
                      potohar---pathar ?????????


                        da best guppie on here.....hmm well I can't just name one!!

                        I'd say:

                        Nadia..bajan..cause she's sweet and friendly and is pure jokes...and well she went out of her way to make me feel better *hugz*

                        Hayaa.....ahhh meri pagal didi!! lol *hands u a lolly*

                        Kohal.....even though she's been here for a short time...she's hilarious and has brought up some interesting pointz!

                        Shpooki.....because the way he got ppl worked up..and made ppl think and express their opinions
                        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                          no lolly for me

                          *leaves the room crying
                          i need a lolly i need a lolly




                              *hands nadz bajan da biggest lolly that could fit into gupshup*

                              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .