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The Absence OF Leadership

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    The Absence OF Leadership

    Recent trends in India and Pakistan indicate a clear absence of political leadership. The rise of BJP in India and the persistence of feudalism in Pakistan have insured a poor entry in to the next millenium.
    The Nuclear test was simply an outward expression of hate by both nations, the fact that they have gained nothing but sanctions speaks for itself.
    It seems that leaders from both nations are competing in an ignorance contest. This time I have to admit India has won. Their leadership has compromised perhaps forever the romantic image of Hindustan . A former attraction for both tourism and investment. Liberals in western nations that linked India with great men like Gandhi will now speak with caution. The mushroom cloud will now overwhelm the delicate sounds of the Sitar.
    The leadership in Pakistan has failed to define an economic ideology for the nation. Free market trends are often disturbed by an intrusive goverment . No one defines this paradox better than the current primeminister who has seized foreign accounts by way of force. In doing so he has breached the basic fundamentals of a free market economy.

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